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Subcategory for the top home/office full HD projectors: all LED projectors have 720p or 1080p resolution, offering you finer image quality at a great discount price at our wholesale electronics shop. HD means the native resolution of the projector is at least 720 TV lines.

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Wholesale HD Projectors from China

LED Projectors are a perfect way to upgrade your home cinema experience. As long as you have a projector screen (which are cheap to obtain - we don't sell them because too bulky shipping from China) or just a blank wall - then you could be enjoying TV, movies and console games in huge size and immersive detail. The LED Projector technology means the light projection can be brighter than traditional lamps while still being quiet and not causing a lot of heat dissipation.

LED Projectors are also useful office tools for small businesses. There's no reason why your company should have to shell out for expensive brand-name projectors, when you are only doing normal office presentations in medium sized rooms with standard graphics. In these applications the Chinavasion cheap projectors will do fine, and the HD projectors will still be much cheaper than the Sony or Philips models your IT Department might otherwise go for.

What's in the Chinavasion projector category?

The best performance projectors here are the HD projectors: High Definition means their image projection is at least 720p native resolution, or 1080p for full HD. The Cheap Projectors subcategory covers all the rest - and as you can see by the category name, the excellent value for money is the main point here. Meanwhile we still pay attention to good quality and functionality on all these models. All the models you see on Chinavasion (as with all our products) are consumer-ready products, in stock, on the shelf in our warehouse ready to ship out to any international address.

You'll also find portable projectors, with the smallest being "mini projectors" - also known as "pico projectors". These are typically not bright enough or high res enough for serious office or movie applications, but they are great gadgets for showing of home movies and photos from your laptop, tablet, or smart phone when you are out and about and visiting friends and family.

Some of the projectors offered here feature other built-in functions, such as projectors with built in DVD Players - perfect for home cinema - and android projectors basically offering a complete networked digital media player computer incorporated into your projector!

Great for Home and Office...

All these projectors will work with any mains electrical supply in any country. Power plug adapters are supplied according to your choice when buying in the online checkout. Because of the easy installation these cheap projectors could be great choices for parents wanting to put a big screen TV in a child's bedroom where space and cost are limited - and mounting it on the ceiling could prevent accidental damage by small kids.

If you're a business person frequently making presentations away from the office, smaller sized projectors can be great to carry around with you. First of all they mean you can practice your presentation at home or in the privacy of your office, so once you go into the real pitch meeting or reporting session, you are going to be comfortable with the technology and how to present your slideshow. Secondly, a lot of sales people and consultants will be asked to use projectors that they are not familiar with, in clients' meeting rooms. Sometimes these don't work correctly with your laptop, or suddenly you are kicked out of the main meeting room to a smaller place. You must have had that experience of lamely having to run through your PPT on your small notebook screen with the client looking at an angle over your shoulder... So carrying a "spare" projector that you are familiar with will really save your bacon and make you look more professional!

Common Terminology for Projectors

Here are some common terms you will see when comparing prices on video projectors:

  • Lumens
    The lumen is a measurement of light brightness. A higher number means a brighter image. Projectors are measured in "ANSI Lumens" which considers all parts of a projected image, not just the center.

  • Contrast ratio
    Appears as a ratio in numbers like 1000:1 Describes how white the whites are and how black the blacks are... basically higher the better as it means more detailed color differences across the whole picture.

  • Resolution
    How many vertical and horizontal pixels are shown, e.g. 1280x1024 The higher the better, with the second number standing for horizontal lines. Most projectors will accept a signal with a resolution higher than the native resolution - and this is downscaled and described as a "compressed resolution". But the higher the native resolution, the better.

  • DLP
    Means Digital Light Processing and it is a trademark of Texas Instruments, who developed the technology commercially. It is how the image gets made up and projected, using millions of microscopic digitally controlled mirrors.

  • Aspect ratio
    Numbers like 16:9 tell you which shapes of video can be handled by the projector, such as normal TV dimensions, movie, or ultra wide letter box

Educational Projector Gadget

The USB interactive whiteboard is one of the most interesting add-on gadgets to the projectors here. It is not a projector in itself, but coupled with a computer / notebook that is already displaying on a projector, it will allow you to treat the projected image as a touch screen. By tracking the special stylus, the system will allow you to click and draw on the image as if it is a giant touch surface. It's another cool way to make your business presentations come to life, and avoids having to keep walking back to the computer and stoop down to control it while speaking next to the projection screen.

Projectors are Easy To Use

So is setting up a projector difficult? Not at all - there are three main things you need to do, which don't require any special IT knowledge:

1. Choose the video output connection method from your computer, DVD player, console TV box, etc. Here you are choosing between HDMI, AV cable (yellow for video plus white and red for the audio channels), or VGA or S-Video. Choose whatever you have the cable for and suits both devices - the performance is not going to be that different between them.

2. Set up the output of the video source to use that connection type, such as on a laptop you may have to use Windows settings or a function key on the keyboard to send video to the video-out. Similarly the projector may have to be told which input to show.

3. Set up the angle, focus, and zoom of the image on the projected surface. This depends on how far away your projector is from the screen or wall, and you just need to move the projector, then fine tune the focus and settings to make sure you have a clear image. Most projectors can be set up upside down hanging from a ceiling, or just sitting on a table or stand.

Comparing Prices For Projectors?

When you are comparing prices you will see that some projectors are cheaper than others. The resolution, brightness, and contrast ratio are all better if higher but demand more expensive components to reach higher performance. By looking in the Chinavasion projector descriptions you can see these specifications as well as the maximum recommended projected image size. Make sure the projector you are choosing supports the video connection types such as HDMI that you need for your computer or home theater system.

If the projector has a built in DVD player or android media player functions, this is a whole additional set of internal parts or circuitry, so that also factors into the price. Finally, very tiny projectors can be quite expensive relative to their specification because of the difficulty of miniaturization.

Video Projector Technology Trends

LED Projectors are the latest technology taking over from traditional CRT and LCD technologies. Coming up in the future you will see higher resolutions, better handling of high refresh rates, better power efficiency, and increasing use of laser diode technology. As well as technology improvements in projektors, you will see prices being driven down, and overall we expect people to be more open to cheaper projectors and not only brand names, as more and more homes and offices need affordable equipment.

Tips for Wholesale Projector Sellers

If you are selling on eBay, amazon, etc - which you are welcome to do with these products as Chinavasion supports resellers and dropshipping with no prior agreement necessary - then you should pay attention to the functionality of the device you are selling. Put the resolution, lumens, and contrast ratio clearly in the title and description. Don't put DLP unless the projector definitely has that technology.

Search terms which may be useful to include in your product descriptions, so people can find your products for sale include: home theater / theatre, LCD projector, video projector, projection TV, and projectors for home/office.

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