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Wholesale LED Projectors From China

Wholesale category for LED Projectors. Browse HD Projectors suitable for the ultimate cinematic or gaming experience or go geek with small pico projectors for showing off business presentations on the go. At last, we have high value for money video projectors category for super affordable China LED projectors.

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LED Projectors - Emerging Cool Tech!

Projectors used to be heavy, hot and expensive. With the introduction of LED technology, projectors became lighter, cool to the touch and... were still expensive. Since then, prices have dropped considerably and LED projectors are becoming increasingly popular, both in the office and the home. The crisp LED technology provides vibrant colours and pin-sharp images so you can enjoy TV, movies, slide shows and games in cinema-quality brilliance.

Projectors with LED light sources have some major advantages over conventional projectors. For one thing, they tend to be brighter than conventional lamps, meaning that you can enjoy presentations in rooms with more ambient light. And because LEDs stay cool you won't be bothered by noisy fans or over-heating lamps.

Perhaps most importantly, LED projectors last far longer than the older-style projectors. They require little maintenance, as there is no expensive lamp to be changed. They are good for the environment, too, as they require less power to run, cutting down on your electricity bills.

In the business and education sectors, LED projectors are beginning to outstrip conventional bulb projectors. If you run a small business or work in a school, you need not break your budget for expensive projectors, especially if you only need to deliver presentations in small to medium-sized rooms. Away from work, LED projectors give you a real home theatre experience and are ideal for watching films, gaming or sharing all those precious digital photos that you never got around to printing.

At Chinavasion, we have sourced some of the best non-branded products from China's top factories to bring you low cost, high quality LED projectors. Whether it's for business, pleasure or a bit of both, we have a model to meet your needs.

LED Projector Subcategories

Chinavasion's LED projectors come in three main categories. High definition (HD) projectors let you enjoy theatre-style picture quality in the comfort of your own home. HD projectors are also ideal for serious gamers or for business users, where picture quality and maximum impact can make all the difference. Our highly portable mini or "pico" projectors, can easily integrate with smartphones or other similar devices. Small projectors are at the same time convenient to share photos or deliver presentations on the go. Finally, our superb value cheaper projectors are perfect for home and office situations with smaller audiences and rooms sizes. Many portable projectors in all three categories are multimedia, and come with SD slots and USB drives. Some even have DVD players built in.

Cheap Projectors: Useful Everywhere

Not everyone likes a 32 inch TV bolted to their wall. It's OK when you're watching TV, but when you switch off it looks like a big grey slab of granite someone stuck there in the mistaken belief that it was art. You can avoid this eyesore by buying an LED projector to watch TV, movies, games and photos. The colours are vibrant, the picture is crisp and you can make the picture even bigger than the TV. Best of all, when the movie has finished you can pack the projector away and have your wall back.

Have you even been camping? It's not for everyone, although some people claim to enjoy it. The worst thing is when the rain comes, confining you and your family to the tent where you sit, glum, bored and increasingly irritable. Never fear, the mini LED projector is here! A pint-sized pico projector, such as the Mini Projector for iPhone 4 and 3GS (CVQF-E158-2GEN), is small enough to fit in your pocket and yes, you take it with your camping because it can run on its own batteries or your phone. And yes, you can watch a movie and project the picture onto one of the tent's surfaces (a flat one is best). And yes, everyone can hear the soundtrack because it has its own speaker. By the time the movie is finished your family should be in a better mood and, fingers crossed, it may even have stopped raining.

LED Projector Tech Glossary

  • LED
    LED stands for light emitting diodes). LEDs deliver a wider and deeper colour-range than conventional lamps with sharp images, long bulb life and low fan noise.
  • Lumens
    Projector brightness is measured in lumens. The lumen rating tells you the overall brightness a projector is capable of producing. How bright the movie or presentation appears will depend on the ambient light in the room in which you are viewing it. If you are n a room with the lights on, but no light directly over the projected image, you would probably need a 1,000 lumen projector. Chinavasion's top HD LED projector has a rating of 3,000 lumens
  • Contrast ratio
    Contrast is just as important for picture quality as brightness. Contrast ratio measures the difference between the brightest white and the darkest black. An LED projector with a contrast ratio of 1,000:1 produces a white image that is 1,000 times brighter than the black image. The higher the contrast ratio, the more detail you'll see.
  • Aspect ratio
    Aspect ratio describes the width of the screen compared to the height of the screen. The most popular aspect ratio for consumer displays is 16:9, which is the standard format for high definition TV. A ratio of 16:9 means that the picture is 16 units wide for every 9 units in height.
  • Native resolution and support resolution
    Native resolution is measured in pixels. It tells you the top pixel resolution that a projector is capable of producing (e.g. 1280 x 768 pixels). However computer and video signals come in a wide variety of resolution formats, which may be higher or lower than your projector's native resolution. Support resolution (sometimes called maximum resolution) tells you the highest pixel resolution a projector is able to process and display.

Full HD Projector Brands And Unbranded Options...

Popular low-cost brands for LED projectors are Acer, Asus, HD, LG and Samsung. More expensive, higher spec models are available from BenQ, Epson, Panasonic and Philips. Pico pocket projectors come in all shapes and sizes from many companies, including 3M, Optoma and Samsung.

You can read product reviews in blogs such as Engadget and Gizmodo. Two popular forums are AV Forum and Home Theatre Forum where you can find discussions about what's hot and what's not in the world of home entertainment. In print you should check out PC Magazine, which regularly reviews wholesale projectors.

You can buy a small selection of LED projectors online at Amazon, and also at PC and home entertainment outlets. Chinavasion offers a large selection of non-branded LED projectors. Our products rival the big names in features and quality, but cost a fraction of the price. We work hard to source only the best quality LED projectors so that we can offer a comprehensive range of products to suit all budgets. All our products are available in our warehouse and have been fully tested.

Top LED Projector Recommendation

How about this -- a projector you can fit in your top pocket! The Mini Projector for iPhone 4 and 3GS (CVQF-E158-2GEN) means you can project all those funky movies you've filmed on your iPhone. The cute little projector is no bigger than your phone, yet it is capable of producing a bright, clear 40 inch image onto any flat surface. It can be powered by its own battery or directly from your iPhone, and has a built-in speaker so that everyone can enjoy the show. An A/V cable is included with the projector, which means you can also connect a DVD player or a games console. Its pocket-size and support for multiple media sources make this a top pick at Chinavasion.

Projector Buying Tips

You may be worrying that you won't know how to set up your LED projector. However, it's easy to hook up a portable projector to your PC or laptop using a VGA cable (included with your projector). If your laptop or PC doesn't auto recognise the large or small projector, try the F5 or F7 toggle keys to switch between your laptop screen and the projector screen. And many China LED projectors come with DVD players, SD card readers and USB drives so you can watch movies and look at photos without the need to connect another device.

The most important features governing the price of LED projectors are the brightness of the LED light source, measured in lumens, and the contrast ratio and native resolution the projector is capable of. These factors will have a direct effect on the overall picture quality, vibrancy of colour and the size of image that can be projected onto a screen or wall. The predicted life expectancy of the LED is also a factor. As an example, our most expensive product has a light source life of about 50,000 hours. An average light source life is about 20,000+ hours, which is still a very long time!

In the near future you can expect to see enhanced picture quality as we bring you portable projectors with greater contrast ratio and native resolution across our entire range. We also expect to see even longer LED light source life ratings as the technology gradually improves.

Projector Seller Tips

Retailers and dropshippers of LED projectors should consider selecting good titles and description keywords to attract more customers. Remember consumers may be searching on eBay or elsewhere for "led projectors", "video projectors", "home projectors", "home theatre", "home theater", "HD projectors", "mini projectors'" or "pico projectors". There is no harm in adding titles and keywords that match the keen bargain hunter, either, such as "cheap projectors", "cheap electronics", "discount gadgets" or "low cost electronics". Of course resellers should point out that Chinavasion's LED projectors are not only highly affordable but also high quality.

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