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Home Garden & Car LED Lights - Best Cheap LED Lighting Gadgets for Sale

Discover special LED lighting gadgets including home & garden LED lights and automotive LED lighting solutions on Chinavasion wholesale electronics store. We offer you the cheapest cool gadgets at great wholesale prices, as our products are directly from the sources, to help you to save more budget either in bulk order or single buy order.

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Home & Garden Cool LED Lights

With Chinavasion's LED lights for home & garden you are going to bring some pleasant ambiance into your living room while saving on energy at the same time. You probably think that this is going to cost you a lot since there is no free lunch in this world. Not true. Chinavasion sources flood lights, RGB LED products and bulbs direct from factories allowing you benefit from low wholesale LED prices.

LED Lights for Home

Discover our quality selection of LED lights for home such as LED Mood Light. For the more creative and artistic individual, there are now ambient mood lights that use LED technology to help them change color while giving off a warm aurora.

Outdoor & Garden LED Lighting

Chinavasion is the leader in LED garden lighting as well as outdoor camping lights. A one-color LED light is very appropriate for camping lights and as they are resistant to cold conditions that people may experience when camping, also they come in a variety of shapes and sizes therefore making them suitable to be carried.

RGB LED Lights: Color Changing Features

Our collection includes the latest color changing technology. Take control of the ambiance of your living room or bed room with a remote control.

LED Lights for cars

There is a great diversity of uses when it comes to LED lights. In this category, Chinavasion is going to present you a diverse range of LED products while you are on your journey, weather it's by boat, truck or car. Wholesale prices apply starting from one piece.

There are many different types of LED lights for cars. Red or yellow LEDs are used in indicator and alphanumeric displays in environments where night vision must be retained such as aircraft cockpits, submarine and ship bridges, astronomy observatories, and in the outdoors for night time animal watching and military field use.

Since they have a long lifespan, fast switching times, and the ability to be seen in the bright daylight (due to their high output and focus), LEDs have been used in brake lights for vehicles such as cars, trucks, and buses. Also LEDs have been used in vehicles turn signals for some time, but many vehicles these days use LEDs for their rear light clusters.

The use of LEDs in brake lights improves safety, because of a great reduction in the time needed to light fully. They are up to 0.5 second faster than an incandescent bulb. This provides more time for the drivers that are in the vehicle behind to react. LEDs lights may also be fitting for car doors or under the car to added extra attractiveness and appeal to a vehicle.

LED Boat Lights

Many boat owners are starting to see LEDs as a sensible choice when they consider purchasing lights, as LED lights are a far more effective and efficient option in every space. With regards to efficiency, LEDs are difficult to subdue, plus LEDs require almost no capability to operate and give off remarkably little heat. Yet the light quality is superior to other options available on the market. LEDs can be better than fluorescent and incandescent bulbs when it comes to comparing visibility and clarity.

Lower heat means considerably lower chance of fire, and boat LED light strips provide the added benefit of being completely waterproof. LED boat lights can come as a strip in order to be flexible. These strips are an ideal fit anywhere, as they can literally be installed in minutes on any part of your boat. Operating costs are cheaper and easier to install when compared to other lighting solutions. LED lighting is also virtually maintenance free because of the simplicity of its design.

LED Truck Lights

Truck LED lights, both headlights and taillights, are what make the difference between blindly steering your way through the dark and safely driving at night. LED lights stand out from the standard factory lights crowd in a big way and they look good whether they are tail lights, side lights or truck bed lights. When you glance at a set of custom LED lights, you'll doing away with ugly red and amber reflectors for good.

Whether you want your truck to stand out or you want better lights for work and safety purposes, LEDs are the perfect choice. Coming in just about any size and any color, LEDs are very diverse and can even be waterproof making them perfect to be used outside, no matter the elements or conditions.

Other Specialty LED lighting products

LCD Panel Backlighting: Specialized white LEDs are used in flat-panel computer displays. A LED-backlit LCD display is a flat panel display that uses LED backlighting instead of the cold cathode fluorescent (CCFL) backlighting, which is used by most other LCDs. LED-backlit LCD TVs use the same TFT LCD (thin film transistor liquid crystal display) technologies as CCFL-backlit LCD TVs, therefore the picture quality is primarily based on TFT LCD technology, independent of backlight type. There are three types of LED that are used for panel backlighting:

  • Edge-lit -- LEDs are formed around the rim of the screen, using a special diffusion panel to spread the light evenly behind the screen.
  • Full Array -- LED backlighting is behind the screen, where the brightness is not controlled individually.
  • Dynamic – (also referred to as Local Dimming) LEDs are controlled individually or in clusters to control the level of light/color intensity in a specified part of the screen.

Many well known brands use LED backlighting technology as it offers several advantages over CCFL LCDs such as reduced energy consumption, improved contrast and brightness, greater color range, a faster response to changes in scene and more precise image rendering.

Watches: Some stylish watches use LEDs, and with a press of the button they light up displaying the time. Digital LED watches used to be extremely expensive, especially in the 1970s when they were out of reach of the common consumer. Since their apex during the late 1980s to mid-1990s high technology fad, digital watches have mostly become simpler, less expensive time pieces with little variety between models.

However there have been some styles that have emerged including the famous Japanese inspired LED watches that are available at Chinavasion. Despite the many advances of LED watches, almost all that have digital displays are used as timekeeping watches even though Smartphone watches have emerged on to the market, which are also available at Chinavasion.

Writing Boards: Writing boards or LED message boards are great for attracting extra attention, for advertising or in the classroom. LED is now the most common illumination source for "Fluorescent Ink Menu Boards" as LEDs commonly have a lifespan of about 50,000 hours. They can be used indoors and outdoors. They are seen in restaurants, shopping malls, coffee shops, bars, nightclubs and other public place. They are often used for advertising daily specials, drink specials, upcoming events or promotions.

Phones: Some smartphones use LED lighting that emits when the user is receiving a call or listening to music. A number of mobile phones use an infrared touch screen, which uses an array of infrared LED and photo detector pairs around the edges of the screen to sense a disturbance in the pattern of LED beams.

These LED beams cross each other in vertical as well as horizontal patterns. Infrared acrylic projection is another way LEDs are used in mobile phones. The edges of the acrylic sheet are illuminated by infrared LEDs, and infrared cameras are focused on the back of the sheet.

Digital Clocks: LEDs are changing the way we wake up, thanks to always having a bright light when it’s time to rise and shine. Previously LEDs were used as indicator lamps for electronic devices, substituting small incandescent bulbs. Later on, they were soon packaged into numeric readouts in the form of seven-segment displays, which are now commonly seen in digital clocks.

Aquarium LED Lighting: Freshwater aquarium lighting is commonly provided by LEDS as they are generally the most efficient. Reef aquariums use the highest intensity of all aquarium types therefore LEDs are recommended to be used in a reef set-up.

LED lamps of 3/4 to 2 watts can be put into practice to come on at night, to replicate the glow of the moon over the tank. LED lighting is also becoming more common for not only lunar lighting but also to simulate daylight conditions, plus LEDs utilize much less energy and are also dimmable.

LEDs produce a very narrow color spectrum, which is limited to a narrow band of wavelengths so for this reason a variety of different colored LEDs is necessary to be used in combination to simulate spectral coverage that is appropriate for coral growth.
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