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LED Strip Lights

Browse top quality LED strip lights from China from RGB LED strips to waterproof LED strip lighting solutions. Order in bulk wholesale to save great budget on Chinavasion's online wholesale electronics Grocery.

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Best LED Strip Lights Online

Chinavasion stocks the best collection of LED strip lighting solutions from China. All products are sourced direct from advanced factories, delivering products that pas our Western quality QC requirements.

Wholesale RGB LED Strips

Many of our top quality RGB LED strips have color changing features allowing it to brighten up spaces the way you like. Our RGB LED lighting products with a controller allowing you to easily select the color you want with a press of the button.

Waterproof LED Strips

One key feature that makes our ambiance products versatile is the fact that many can withstand immersion of water. Our waterproof LED light strips come with a IP rating which makes them great for outdoor use. Whether you want to decorate your outdoor ambiance at home, clubs, pubs or shops, Chinvasion's strip outdoor LED strip lights will be a game changer. Browse our products above, and get your outdoor LED strip lighting solution today.

Wholesale LED Lighting Strips

Perfect for lighting up buildings and tree, the ability to be different colors and maintain a strong brightness makes RGB LEDs perfect to be used in this scenario. LED strips can last a long time – sometimes longer than 10 years – without burning out.


There are many creative ways to apply strip lights:

Bedroom: create a more confortable area in your home while saving energy with our strips. Think about creating some lighting effects on the headboard of your bed or on the edges of your wardrobe. Another popular application is to decorate your ceiling. Afterwards adjust the colors to maximize your conform. And with a remote control, you can always change the colors based on your mood.

Garden: Enjoy a glass of wine while Chinvasion's strip lighting creates an ambiance of relaxation after a hot summer day. Decorate the edges of your patio, or highlight the beautiful paths in your garden. Scenic beauty is never far away. Use yellow colors to create a warm feel, or use green colors to give your trees and plants some extra contrast. At last, use blue, green and red colors for a true feeling of Christmas during the holidays.

Bathroom: Mirrors! Don't you think most bathrooms just look way to boring? With our RGB LED products, you can now make your bathroom more fasionable, while saving on energy.

Kitchen: Craving for a snack during midnight? Turn on strip lights that will not hurt your eyes or wake up your family while you sneak into the kitchen. But that's not the only benefit: for a small budget you can use LED strip lights from China to refresh any edges and counters of your kitchen. When your friends and family pay you a visit for a dinner, you bet they will enjoy the atmosphere as if they are in a multi Michelin star restaurant. Install LED strip lighting below your table is one example way of applying this new technology product.
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