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LED Flood Lights

Dear consumers, welcome to Chinavasion's wholesale electronics shop. Find LED flood lights at wholesale prices while enjoying a full 1 year warranty on all items. This category includes waterproof, rechargeable, dimmable, and colored LED flood lights, discover the best LED light for you need.

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LED Outdoor Flood Lights

LED technology has come a long way and now LED flood lights are bright enough to be used for illumination purposes on large sport fields. Ideal for outdoor sporting events because they produce a lot of light and waterproof, LEDs are now being used as floodlights in sporting venues worldwide.

Depending on your needs, Chinavasion can offer you any kind of wholesale lighting solution including indoor and outdoor flood lights. Our high output flood lights also come with different functions. For example, they come in different colored LED flood lights including white, warm white and blue LED. Our latest products even include multi-colored products as well as including a dimmable feature. The latter means you're able to adjust the color and intensity of a dimmable LED flood light with a remote.
Most of Chinavasion's commercial flood light products are waterproof flood lights.
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