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Outdoor IP Cameras

Chinavasion Outdoor IP Cameras are all solidly built, usually from aircraft grade aluminum to make sure they can stand up against anything. They also include automatic nightvision for use at night, and a high level weatherproof IP rating (IP 66+) for use in any weather. If your home/office requires an outdoors security solution, then your search starts and ends here right in this wireless outdoor security cameras category.

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Wireless Outdoor Security Cameras Designed For Peace Of Mind

Outdoor security cameras are designed to offer you peace of mind and security by monitoring your home or business. Chinavasion aims to provide a wide range of outdoor IP cameras and outdoor wireless IP cameras ensuring you can find the best home security solution for your needs.

Outdoor IP Camera: Made To Survive Outdoors

Our outdoor security cameras are designed to cope with the rigors of the environment while helping secure your property. At Chinavasion we aim to make selecting the right outdoor surveillance camera for you as easy as possible so all our outdoor security camera systems will be labeled as weather proof, meaning that they can withstand most common weather conditions, or where appropriate will be given a waterproof IP rating. This lets you know just what sort of rain, sleet and snow they can withstand.

Easy to Install: Wireless Outdoor Security Cameras

Many of the cameras available from Chinavasion have wireless capabilities making them easier to install and most have night vision capabilities as well as coming with different angled lenses so you can select cameras for covering large areas or picking out small details such as registration plate’s whether it is day or night.

If you want to protect your store or home and it has direct access from a sidewalk or street then an outdoor camera can provide the ideal protection. It will enable you to get a clear shot of the would-be thieves’ before they put on a hooded sweatshirt or mask and cover up their faces and identifying features. Petty criminals are a lot less likely to steal from you once they know they are being monitored by multiple video surveillance cameras.

Wireless outdoor security cameras and outdoor IP surveillance systems will lower your insurance premiums, reduce theft and vandalism and provide safer work and home environments. They can allow remote viewing access via computer networks and mobile devices as well as being scalable, so you can add to your security system as and when your needs dictate.
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