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Portable DVD Players Are Great For Flights And More!

A great movie can make a long trip go by very quickly, especially when flying. Often, however, the movie you watch on the small screen at the front of your cabin is edited; and interrupted by announcements from the crew about dinner or some other announcement. Have you ever considered taking a portable DVD player with you? With one of these and a good set of headphones, you can enjoy that action flick while everyone else is stuck hearing about the Grand Canyon for possibly the hundredth time. Portable DVD Player sales are absolutely booming! Most people either already have one, or want one, or want a newer one! Chinavasion offers you the very best in portable DVD Players today!

What products can be found in the Portable DVD Player category?

Browse the latest Wholesale Portable DVD Players, including the famous ultra-portable disc-man sized Portable DVD, Swivel / Widescreen DVD Players, and multifunction TFT monitors with built-in DVD Player.

These hot sellers are designed to maximize flexibility of your entertainment needs and with one of our portable players, you will see how!

One of the great things about portable DVD players is that they can substitute for regular size cousins on the fly when you need to plug into your home entertainment system. Many portable DVD Players today come with built-in screens, which make it the ultimate DVD entertainment device for the road. While screen size varies somewhat, larger is definitely better.Whether you are looking for a Deluxe 11.3” Portable DVD Player or a Waterproof DVD Player for your boat, you will find it here at Chinavasion!

Wholesale or Dropship?

If you are an eBay or Amazon seller, or have a retail business of any kind, Chinavasion can supply you with the most cutting edge Portable DVD players at the best and lowest wholesale prices available anywhere. These products are ideal for dropshipping and are ready to use regardless of the location of your customers. No worries….These DVD Players work anywhere in the world. They are manufactured in China, but are suitable for use anywhere and everywhere!

Our Portable DVD Players come in compact, convenient designs to make watching your desired movies. Any Portable DVD player offered here features the highest quality video capabilities and is easy to carry with you, no matter where you might take your next movie adventure. With Chinavasions up-to-the-minute technology, highest quality and lowest prices imaginable! As a reseller, you can cash in on the great quality and low wholesale prices of products from Chinavasion to build your business into a superstore!

Product Notes

DVD regions - normally players you buy are locked to one "region" encoding, but China DVD players don't give a damn and play ALL regions, i.e. no need to worry about it not playing no matter where you are!

Most will have a note "Power Adapter (100-240V 50/60Hz)" which means the power supply is worldwide compatible and Chinavasion provides a travel plug adapter for free. Since they are "portable" check out in the description battery and alternative car power supply which will look like :"Power Source: 12V DC (Car and Wall Chargers Provided), Li-ion Internal Battery" and see accessories picture in the detailed description.

See Also

For watching movies at home or on the go, see also HDD Media Players, High Capacity Portable Media Players, and Car DVD Players---the hottest and best selling items on the net today!

Portable DVD Players are one of the hottest selling products in the world, and demand for high quality players is growing by leaps and bounds. Smart entrepreneurs are sourcing these top-selling items from Chinavasion, taking advantage of the extreme low prices and time-tested dropshipping success! As an added benefit, Chinavasion has no minimum order requirements! You can sample the products you are most interested in, and test the reaction from your customers, before investing in a large quantity. So, pick out which of these Proven Winners you want to try first, and get ready to boost your sales to new levels!

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