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Home A/V Products are a hot category in today's connected and wireless modern homes. Everybody these days is into customizing their Home Entertainment Center, which gives you a great opportunity to supply them with the latest in projectors, audio and video accessories, and newer home entertainment gadgets by sourcing them directly from China through China wholesaler Chinavasion.

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Home Video And Audio Products: Introduction

Just a few years back the idea of having a digital entertainment centre in your own home was in the dream category. Today, thanks to a variety of affordable Chinese gadgets, like AV accessories, digital video glasses, high definition media players and others – it’s a reality.

China AV Products In This Section

There are lots of home audio and video products available in this category and you will find everything you need to build a modern home entertainment centre. Here are just a few examples of home video and audio devices you will find on our site.

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Portable DVD Players

Portable DVD player is just like your standard DVD player, with the only difference (and a significant benefit) being that you can take them anywhere you go. It’s a great entertainment option for travel, camp-outs, long-haul flights and a number of other occasions.

You will be able to play movies from your DVD collection, as well as from a USB card. Portable DVD players can work with the majority of file formats and support SECAM, PAL and NTSC TV capabilities.

AV Virtual Video Glasses And Portable Video Glasses

Virtual video glasses allow you to completely immerse yourself into a movie or a video game. They also come with an increased convenience level, as you can enjoy a theatre-like viewing experience while relaxing on your couch or behind an office desk. All you have to do is connect the AV cables, sit back and enjoy the show.

Portable video glasses take the idea of first class entertainment a step further and allow you to play your favourite movies or shows on the go, no matter where you are. Portable video glasses are lightweight and will not take up space in you bag, while bringing loads and loads of fun.

Wireless Air Mouse

A wireless air mouse may look like your average wireless mouse, but it offers way more. An air mouse does not have to be put on a surface and can be used as an infrared remote control to operate a computer, web TV, Android TV box and various other devices. It is a very convenient way to control various devices making up your home video system.

Wireless AV transmitter

An AV transmitter is a device that lets you send the signal from your satellite receiver, DVD player, CCTV camera, etc. to any monitor around. When you add the word “wireless” to the mix, it means that you will be spared the trouble of hooking up cables or tripping over them when arranging your home theatre devices. In short, all the same functionality will be available to you in a much simpler form.

Wireless HDMI Streaming Video Player/Wireless TV Dongle

A wireless TV dongle mirrors your mobile screen onto your HDTV and allows you to stream multimedia content from your smartphone or tablet onto your TV screen. You can think of it as a wireless HDMI cable.

However, unlike a cable, a wireless TV dongle is ultra portable and can accompany you on trips, to meetings and other events that may require displaying your mobile content on a larger screen.

You will find many other devices on offer in this section that can add new and exciting components to your viewing experience and powerful features to your home entertainment system.

You can always contact our 24/7 customer service if you have any questions about any of our wholesale audio and video products.

Why Order Home Audio And Video Gadgets From Wholesale Supplier Chinavasion

Building a home entertainment centre from scratch can be a pricy undertaking, especially if you have your eye on all the latest audio and video gadgets. With our wholesale price offer, you can make your most ambitious entertainment dreams a reality and equip your home with the best devices on the market without reaching too deep into your pocket.

Besides, ordering for personal use, you can also start making money with Chinavasion today. Rely on as to be your China home and audio supplier and start making high margin profits.

Add to that reliable customer support and a full one-year warranty – and you have enough reasons to start building that dream right now.

Home electronics such as mini projectors and LCD touch screen displays have become much more affordable these days, especially with our factory-direct Chinese Wholesale Prices. If you have ever wanted to extend your desktop with an extra screen on the wall or small monitor dedicated to stock exchange listings, now it is simpler and cheaper than ever before!

Chinavasion has been providing only the best wholesale Home AV Products since 2005, we carefully hand-pick only the best items for our customers. Everything you see here is of the highest quality for home or business use.

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