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Best Bluetooth Headphones & Earphones: Top Budget Option On Bluetooth Earbuds & Headsets

China wholesaler Chinavasion's headphones and earphones collection comes in many colors and shapes. Moreover, many cheap headphones are powered with bluetooth and NFC wireless technology for a wire-free experience. Besides this, we also got some cool wholesale beanie-hats and necklaces with built-in earphones.

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Best Headphones And Earphones: Introduction

It’s hard to imagine an accessory as necessary or as popular as headphones or earphones. Actually, there is a big chance you are wearing headsets right now. Listening to music, watching videos, studying, working out – there is a great variety of situations that headsets or earphones simply make better.

This, in turn, explains why there are so many types of the accessory: wireless headphones, stereo headsets, headsets for sports and even headphone hats.

Here at Chinavasion we are proud to offer an extensive selection of best headphones at the highest quality all with affordable prices to match your every expectation.

Headphones/Earphones: A Closer Look At Different Types

With so many different options available on our website, it may be hard to choose what would be the best fit. Different kinds of headphones/earphones come with different advantages and functions.

Bluetooth Headphones And Headsets

The main advantage of Bluetooth headphones is that you will not have to fiddle with the cord and enjoy a greater level of comfort, especially when doing sports.

Bluetooth headphones on our website are compatible with both IOS and Android devices and are equipped with built-in controls allowing for a great wire-free experience.

If you are looking to not only listen, but also speak - you may find Bluetooth headsets a better match.

Coming in various colours and styles, Chinavasion’s wireless Bluetooh headphones and headsets will suit any situation.

Beanie Headphones

Beanie headphones come with a high level of subtlety and functionality and actually eliminate the need for headphones altogether. All you need to do is put on a hat and listen to anything you want, all the while keeping warm and looking cool. Made from soft fabric with high quality stereo headphones integrated in the inner layer – these hats might as well be magic.

Necklace Earphones

With necklace earphones you will find fashion going hand in hand with functionality. Earphones cleverly mask themselves as a stylish fashion accessory, provide high quality of sound and even come with a built-in microphone.

Headphone Buying Guide: What To Look For When Buying Headphones/Earphones

When it comes to choosing the right headphones or earphones, it all depends on what exactly you are looking for, as different types of headphones/earphones will cater to different needs.

In general, you will surely look for good quality of sound, a nice level of comfort and reliability. But if we get deeper into specifics, you will need to consider the following points.

Headphones Or Earbuds?

This is an important question to answer, as your choice will affect both your style and listening experience.

Earbuds would suit you best if you are looking for subtle and light accessory, that would not take up too much space. You can carry them around in your pocket wherever you are and still get great quality of sound.

Headphones are definitely bulkier than the previous option, but not necessarily less comfortable. You can simply put them around your neck when you are not listing to music and after some time you won’t even notice they are there. With various colours and designs available, headphones make a powerful fashion statement of their own. True, they may affect your hairstyle – but you could always go for wireless headsets.

Noise Cancelling Headphones / Sound Isolation

Noise Cancelling Headphones are headphones that are able to remove or reduce the unwanted ambient background noises. If you have ever had your listening interrupted by construction sites, a plane flying overhead or the hustle and bustle of a morning commute you will understand how annoying it can be.

Noise canceling headphone address this issue using active noise control, (ANC) , they do this by incorporating a microphone that measures the ambient background noise, this is turned into a wave-form that is the exact negative of the ambient sound. This is then mixed with the audio signal of your music to remove unwanted background noise.

Sound isolation refers to the seal that headphones or earphones form around your ears to block all the outside noise.

These days, both earphones and headphones offer nice levels of sound isolation, each in their own way. Earphones (earbuds) tend to double as ear plugs, thus preventing outside noise from getting in. However, some users may find putting earphones inside their ears uncomfortable.

Headphones will seal the sound around your ear and you will not feel as much pressure on your ear drums. Music lovers also find them to be a better option when listening to bass tones or instrumental music.

Listening Environment

By listening environment we simply mean how you plan to use your headphones or earphones.

Listening at home or at the office will let you choose pretty much any type you want.

However if you are looking for the right workout accessory, you will have a better experience with earphones that stay in place when you move (like a Bluetooth headband) or keep you warm when running outside (like Beanie hat headphones).

For working at the office, you may want to have an all-in-one solution – that is a device that will help you listen, speak and participate in business conferences, like a Bluetooth headset.

Why Order From Wholesale Supplier Chinavasion?


As we work with different suppliers and offer non-branded products, you will be able to choose from, a number of unique combinations of functionality and style that will closely match your needs.

Wholesale Prices (starting from one piece)

One of the best advantages of our products is that they come with a reasonable price tag, as we are able to offer you latest technology at wholesale prices. Even if you order only one piece, you will be getting the best deal on the market – and even a better one for volume purchases.

One-Year Warranty On All Electronic Products

We test our products thoroughly to make sure you get the best quality gadgets from Chinese suppliers. And we are here to help you should anything go wrong. All our products, including headphones and earphones, come with a full one-year warranty, letting you shop and buy with confidence.

24/7 Customer Service

We are always happy to answer all of your questions at any time you may have them. Just contact our customer service personnel with any product, delivery, payment or quality inquiries you may have.

Best Headphones Under 100 Dollars

Headphones aren't cheap as they are made with sophisticated technology to deliver you amazing music. Well, that's what the local dealer and the brands tell you. At Chinavasion, you are now able to source cheap phones right from China starting from one piece. The best headphones under 100 dollars and even the best headphones under 50 dollars are now available from China.

Buy Headphones Online: Go Wireless

No matter how good the sound is, if you have those annoying and distracting wires hanging around, you will never feel the ultimate sound experience. Besides that, it doesn't always look good with what you are wearing as well. Chinavasion's collection is mostly wireless powered with Bluetooth or NFC technology.

In addition, we also offer earphones that are built in hats and jewelry. While your friends are staring jealously at your cool outfit, you are simply listening to your favorite songs. Get your cheap earphones now at Chinavasion. Sound has never been this good.

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