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- Wirelessly Connect By Bluetooth

Source the best cheap gadgets right from China. In this category, you can pick your favorite wireless loudspeaker depending on your needs, such as speakers that are waterproof, for outdoors, or that come with gesture control.

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Best Portable Speaker

There is a huge development going on in the Bluetooth speakers category. The innovation speed is fast and our internal sourcing team is expecting many more high tech devices to come in from very portable Bluetooth loudspeakers to waterproof Bluetooth shower speakers for hours of fun when you're having your daily ritual. The latter type often comes with a suction cup so you can conveniently stick it to a wall in your bathroom.

Especially the waterproof feature is exceptionally popular at the moment. Chinese manufacturers of these devices are currently improving the waterproof protection so that it even becomes great to use as an outdoor Bluetooth speaker. Traditional ones were already great as Bluetooth technology is the perfect solution to create outdoor Bluetooth speakers. Today we do not only demand them to be only portable but also to be able to survive a heavy rain shower.

China Speakers With Phone App Support

Besides outdoor speakers are of course also great for at home or on your car. Some of our designs are great to make them not only functional but also become part interior. But not only the designs are improving, also smart app supported speakers are appearing more and more in our electronics catalog, such as LED light bulbs with a integrated loudspeaker that you can connect and control with your phone!

Order your China speakers today and you will find out that the quality matches the traditional brands such as Logitech, Jam, Yamaha and more. The only different is Chinavasion's factory direct pricing with no minimum quantity.

Best Portable Bluetooth Speakers

The best Bluetooth speakers are never far away. In fact, they are now at your fingertips. Chinavasion, only stocks the best products that are quality checked by our in-house QC team.

If you want to listen to music on your PC or laptop then this Bluetooth player can easily connect through a wireless connection, which will safe you the hassle of having many wires on your desk. But there is more, these speakers can also connect to your mobile phone, and as they are very portable, you can easily carry them to different places of your home.

The best decision will be to get yourself a high-quality portable loudspeaker at wholesale China prices under 50$.

Bluetooth Waterproof Speakers

Some of our wholesale speakers are even waterproof and you can enjoy music right in your bathroom. If you want to have your loudspeaker really close to the shower, then get one with a IP67 rating. These waterproof speakers are also great for taking your music to the beach, or for pool parties, as unlike other loudspeakers are they don't mind a bit of water

Outdoor Bluetooth Speakers

Besides enjoying the mobility at home, these wireless speakers that can easily connect with your phone are also great for outdoors. Some are small & portable as they fit in your laptop bag. At the same time they are made to face certain weather conditions, such as rain, wind and dust.

There are so many usage scenarios for these music players, such as go walk or running in the park, climbing, ride on a bicycle or motorcycle, go boating, and so on.

Get yourself a top quality speaker system today and enjoy music whenever, wherever. Chinavasion ships out your order within 1 working day.

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