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Best Activity Tracker with Wholesale Pricing

Why pay high prices for brand activity trackers if you can now get yours at factory prices from China? Chinavasion cooperates with high tech factories that produce the same items for big brands. Skip high premiums charged by brands, and benefit today by grabbing your favorite fitness tracker with low wholesale prices.

Best Fitness Trackers with Pedometer from China

Because Chinavasion works with all the major postal and express companies, we are able to ship all our items at cheap shipping prices. Your best activity tracker can be dispatched in one day all will arrive at your doorsteps in 3-7 days with express shipping. If you aren't in a hurry, then economy airmail shipping method will be your best choice.

Best Pedometer Watch / Wrist Pedometers

A pedometer is basically a device that counts your steps based on movement. Traditional pedometers are portable devices that are usually worn around the wrist so it can count the motion of the hips. Luckily nowadays this kind of function is now integrated into pedometer watches, also known as wrist pedometers. Having more functions into your wrist watch / band not only saves you money, but allows you to carry less when on the go.
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