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Get Chinese wholesale supplier Chinavasion's smart home systems for a smart living. Our wireless devices, kitchen gadgets, and other app controlled electronics come at wholesale prices from China. Let our home automation systems make your life more efficient, so you can spend more time on things in life that matter the most.

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Home Automation Systems from China

Our product experts are restless and are looking for new products on a daily basis. That's why our smart home category is full of innovative home automation systems and useful cool gadgets for the kitchen. Most of these devices aren't available outside of China, but they are now available at Chinavasion. And with 'available' we really mean it, as all smart home products in this category are in stock and shipped out the next day after your order is placed.

What Are Smart Home Systems?

A 'smart' home product is anything that can automatic certain tasks or make your life more convenient at home. Take for instance our robot vacuum cleaner automate a part of your daily home cleaning work or our speaker light bulbs that can be controlled from your phone so you can listen to music anywhere in your house that has these LED light bulbs applied. So in other words, with smart we really mean anything that can make your lifestyle more smart.

Kitchen Gadgets

Be the master chef with Chinavasion's awesome kitchen gadgets. Our cool kitchen appliances include fruit juice makers, automatic soap dispensers, ice cream machines as well as electric coffee grinders, coffee makers, Air fryers and juicers. These can bring you great tasty treats as well as let you live a healthier life, so be sure to check out how these wholesale kitchen appliances can revolutionize your home.

Why You Should Get a Robot Vacuum Cleaner

We all care a lot about what food we eat, how much we should go to the gym, and getting enough sleep to stay healthy. What many people tend to forget is that a clean and dust free environment really matters! Even if you, do know this fact, cleaning your home is such a boring activity that you really want to skip or delay.

With robotic vacuum cleaners from Chinavasion, you can now get the job done with just one price on the button. If there is one thing in live that you would like to automate, than it should be vacuum cleaning your floors. Chinavasion's vacuum robots are doing exactly that!

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