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Solar Products

The East Is Green! Check out wholesale solar products, including solar power chargers as well as portable solar panels that are easy fold and carry. You'd be surprised how many portable electronics can be powered by the sun. With solar cell technology getting smaller and more efficient every year, our chargers and panels can any device multiple times!

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Portable Solar Chargers: Introduction

We live in a truly wonderful world that offers multiple sources of energy that are not only good for the planet, but also for the economy - as they are given to us at no cost.

Sun is one of these sources and making use of the energy it provides us with seems like a reasonable and natural way to go.

This section offers a wide selection of wholesale solar products that will help you harvest solar energy and use it to power all sorts of devices, including smartphones, laptops, digital cameras, MP4 players, etc.

In this section you will find solar powered gadgets, portable solar panels, solar power.

Types of Wholesale Solar Products

Solar Gadgets

Solar powered gadgets include all sorts of electronic devices that can be powered by the energy of the sun. They can come in any form: solar powered LED lights, solar-powered phone chargers, solar wall lamps and lots of others.

Portable Solar Panels

Portable solar panels allow you to have a sustainable source of energy no matter where you are or where you are going. They make perfect accessories for camping trips and will easily fit in your tent or backpack. Most portable solar panels on our website are weatherproof – meaning they will be resistant to sudden rains or being accidentally splashed with water. That means that no matter how often you use them and how harsh are the conditions you expose them too – they will reliably serve you for a long time.

Solar Power Banks / Chargers

Solar power banks work in the same way as standard power banks - they will store power for when you need to recharge your electronic devices and will recharge themselves when exposed to light. It’s a great way to make sure you never run out of power, even if there are no sockets around.

Why Solar Energy?

Popularity of solar-powered devices is on the rise like never before. Switching to solar power, or, at least, incorporating it into your gadgets’ lives together with other sources, comes with numerous benefits.

Getting access to free energy may seem too good to be true, but this is exactly how it goes with solar power. By investing in the right solar energy harvesting equipment now, you can benefit from considerable savings in the long run. Solar panels and solar power banks require low equipment maintenance and with a few good purchases, you will be set for a lifetime.

Power On The Go With Portable Solar Chargers

A great number of our solar products are portable (portable solar panels, portable solar power banks, portable solar-powered gadgets, etc) – as the sun is an easy and accessible source of energy. That makes solar energy products perfect for camping trips or remote areas.

One World

You may not have the time or resources to travel across the world and save a polar bear. But there are small everyday things that all of us can do to make this world better – small, but by no means any less important. Solar devices are a perfect example of “clean energy” that does not emit fumes, create noise or lead to global warming. By choosing to power your devices with solar energy, you are making a conscious decision to support clean energy and clean future.

Why Buy Wholesale Solar Products From China Supplier Chinavasion?

We are committed to helping promote clean and environmentally friendly energy in any way we can. With more and more individuals and corporations looking for ways to contribute to improving the world around them, Chinavasion is happy to fill the niche of high-quality affordable solar products for personal and corporate needs.

All our products come with a one-year warranty and are supported by 24/7 customer service, should you ever have questions.

We work with the best solar product suppliers in China, who have realized the need for environmental change and are leading the way in the exploitation of solar energy for everyday needs Take full advantage of our low China Wholesale Prices by buying either in small quantities or you can arrange for larger bulk purchases for even greater savings..

All the solar chargers and foldable panels at Chinavasion are manufactured in certified factories that meet the strictest standards for quality and supported with a full 12-month warranty.

Editor's Note: We are all naturally concerned about the environment. If you've seen "11th Hour" or "An Inconvenient Truth" you will understand that it's urgent that everyone plays their part to save our planet. As a business person, what better way for you to contribute than bringing the latest Solar energy products direct to your market? Watch this category for exciting things, as Chinese factories gear up to the new green trend!

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