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Laser Gadgets & Measuring Tools

The wholesale category for electronic measuring tools including handheld lasers range finders, wind meters, sound level noise level meters, breathalyzers and more. Discover the exceptional accuracy of Chinavasion's laser distance measurers and other related measuring devices!

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Laser Distance Measurer & Range Finder Tools

Do you want to know the distance to a certain object? Then a range finder is exactly what you need. A laser rangefinder basically uses a laser beam that could determine the time to a certain object and therefore calculate the distance based on that.

Range finders and laser measuring tools have long been the go to choice for tradesmen and for good reason. These laser distance measurers are able to accurately determine distances quickly and efficiently right up to one hundred meters in some instances. Many feature built in spirit levels and with durable builds they are easy to use and can survive the rigors of a building site or being knocked about in your tool box. Chinavasion has a full range of digital measuring tools for professional or D.I.Y needs.

The only disadvantage of such laser measuring tool is that it might not reach millimeter level precision due to the high speed of light. Nevertheless, the best range finders such as the ones on Chinavasion, are highly reliable. Read the rangefinder reviews on our product pages to get an better idea of which laser measuring device is right for you.

Other Types of Measuring Tools

When it comes to measuring instruments, there are more types of measuring devices besides the one mentioned above. These electronic tools include:

Wind Speed Meter: Wind Speed Meter is also referred to as a digital Anemometer with thermometer is an ideal portable accessory to check the weather.

Digital Sound Noise Level Meter: In manufacturing, they are often used to determine the level of noise produced by the workplace machinery to make sure it’s not harmful for those around, as well as for product noise certification and reduction. At home, you can use a digital sound and noise meter when installing audio or alarm systems or to have valid proof that your upstairs neighbor is blasting his music too loud.

Breathalyzer: Never again have a doubt about how much alcohol you have had to drink or whether you or your friend is legally OK to drive. This mini breathalyzer has a traffic light readout style system making it super easy use.

There are many more other measurement tools. Simply check all our equipment above!

Laser Gadgets

Laser Light Projectors: Laser projectors are exactly what you need to bring your party to life. You can use them to set up a custom laser light show as many come with dedicated software. Also they come with a full range of functions such as RGB lasers and cool patterns that are able to sync to the rhythm of your music and with the abilities to display pre-programmed animations making them suitable for commercial or private use.
Whether you're a lighting technician or just an avid party-goer, we have suitable laser light projectors for all your needs that are great for parties, raves, bars, nightclubs, pubs, home gatherings or any venue you desire. These disco laser systems are easy to fix to your lighting rig or connect to a wall as most have included mounting brackets that allow for easy adjustable positioning for the perfect setup no matter your venue.

Wholesale Laser Gadgets from China: Chinavasion has a large variety of laser gadgets from laser pens and pointers for your presentation needs to magic disco balls and hand-held mini laser effect projectors all the way up to full laser lighting systems.

In this category you are guaranteed to find all the laser beam tools you've ever wanted, and at a low wholesale price too! We carry both "cheap" laser pointer pens as well as big ticket laser system items like laser machines (also known as laser show generators). Whether you're looking to buy for yourself or to resell, as the Internet's most trusted gadgets wholesaler, Chinavasion has all the solutions to meet your every laser gadget need. But if you don't see it, don't worry. Check back often as more and more laser devices get added to our website every week.
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