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Wii Value Pack - Charge Station + Lite Gun + Guitar + Yoga Mat

Wii Value Pack - Charge Station + Lite Gun + Guitar + Yoga Mat

Product code: CVFF-T31

Wii Value Pack - Charge Station + Lite Gun + Guitar + Yoga Mat

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Wii Value Pack - Charge Station + Lite Gun + Guitar + Yoga Mat
Wii Value Pack - Charge Station + Lite Gun + Guitar + Yoga Mat
Why spend hundreds of dollars on single wii accessories units? This combo unit will stimulating your experience, and take you to new heights of ecstasy with your Wii console game. What a great value pack this truly is. This is an offer that is exclusively available from chnavasion. Presenting the supreme value Nintendo wii console game pack:

  • (1) Light Gun Enjoy your shooting games with total comfort and with a realistic feeling to the trigger. The Wii compatible light gun is designed with the whole purpose of the user experiencing the rush and reality of the game. Its durable and has a nice feeling to it. Get a more realistic and comfortable grip with this Submachine gun designed for Nintendo Wii

  • (2) Air Guitar Who doesn’t love the guitar? No body, that’s right. Just like millions of people, enjoy playing your favorite guitar hero games, with this realistic, powerful and beautiful guitar that is designed for wii and guitar hero lovers. Feel like a true rock star, feel the rush of playing guitar hero with this remarkable unit will never leave your memory.

  • (3) Keep Fit Mat That's not all, coming with this value Nintendo wii pack is also a 4 in 1 keep fit Mat. Improve your board game experience with this Mat which also includes a charger for your wii board and two specially made ergonomically designed socks that enhances the grip of your foot onto the Mat, that lets you improve your gaming needs with greater performance.

  • (4) Charging station Included is a charging station that supports two function. (1) Charging of your Wii controllers. (2) Holder for your wii nunchuks. No you can charge your Wii controllers with simplicity and easy.

The value added Nintendo wii accessories all come in a cool fashionable white color to match your Nintendo Wii game console, and with lightning speed response time to the controls you'll hardly stop playing. Well, there you have it, a multitude of Nintendo wii accessories at a factory direct wholesale price. The 4 in 1 Nintendo wii value pack makes the best Christmas gift ever imaginable. This exclusive deal of a lifetime is in stock now, and available to your from the greatest world electronics exporter, Chinavasion.

At a Glance...
  • Air Guitar
  • Yoga Mat
  • Nunchuk charger + holder
  • Combo unit 4-in-1
  • Hours of endless fun

China Manufacturer Specifications

  • Primary function: Wii Value Pack - Charging Station + Light Gun + Guitar + Keep Fit Mat
  • Light Compatible Gun:
    - Material: ABS
    - Pieces: (Detachable) 2 piece
    -Dimensions: L: 300 x D: 140 x W: 40 (mm)
    - Dimensions (Retracted): L: 340 x D: 140 x W: 40 (mm)
    - Color: White

  • Guitar:
    - Material: ABS with internal electronic components
    - Color: White, Navy
    - 3D Sensor
    - Dimensions: L:77 x W:24 x D:4 (cm)
    - Pieces: (Detachable) 3 piece

  • 4-In-1 Yoga Mat:
    - Yoga Mat
    - Flask Bottle
    - Board Battery pack Charger: 5 Volts
    - Socks x 1
    - Yoga Mat Material:
    - You Mat Dimensions: L:173 x W:61 (cm)

  • Charge Station:
    - Holder: Yes
    - DC 5 Volts
    - External Material: ABS
    - Connection Type: USB Cable
    - Charge Time: Up to 3 Hours

  • Certification: CE
  • Manufacturer Ref: NW813IIGH098

Product Notes

  • Makes a great addition to your wii console game
  • Great value pack
  • Makes a great present for loved ones
  • become dad or mum of the year with this exclusive offer today

Package Contents for CVFF-T31

  • Wii Compatible Guitar
  • Wii Compatible Light Gun
  • 4-in-1 Wii Compatible Yoga Mat
  • Wii Compatible Charging Station + Holder

FAQ - Frequently Asked Questions

  • Are these wii accessories plug and play, or do they require installation
    These combo Nintendo wii accessories are plug and play, no installation is required
  • Does the guitar come with guitar hero also
    No, No games are included with the Nintendo compatible wii accessories

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  • Photography & Graphics By: L.H.

Date Launched: Sep 26 2009
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