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A 1GB MP3 or MP4 Player can store over 1,000 Megabytes of data, whether video, music, pictures, or other PC files. MP4 players will play back videos (once converted into the correct format with the supplied software) and music as well as slideshows of your digital pictures. All the Chinavasion wholesale 1GB MP4 Players are supplied with accessories in retail boxes ready for sale, and are very easy to connect to PC and use.

Browse the digital video player product listings to see full specifications and prices, and if you have queries about the 1GB MP4 and MP3 Players, just open a support ticket. You can also find MP4 Player reviews from current Chinavasion wholesale customers under each product listing.

Frequently asked questions about 1GB MP4 Video Players:

  • "Is it an iPod?"
    iPod is a trademark of Apple, not a generic product name. We sell MP4 Player products sourced directly from the factories in China. They are not Apple products and they are not presented / branded as such. The MP4 Players you can order here are easier to use and represent better value in our opinion than iPod MP4 devices.
  • "How many songs can a 1GB MP4 Player hold?"
    This question is difficult to answer, because there are different compression rates available for MP3 audio data, and a song could be long or short! However a guideline is that you can compress a normal audio CD into around 65MB of MP3 data, so you can fit 14 or 15 CDs worth of music on a 1GB MP3 / MP4 Player.
  • "Can an MP4 player play MP3 files?"
    Yes, all MP4 Players can play MP3 audio.
  • "How much to ship these MP4 products to my country?"
    Once you have created your free wholesale buyer account you can log in and preview shipping rates for your cart contents in the online wholesale shop checkout process.
  • "Where can I get the firmware to update my MP4 Player?"
    Chinavasion MP4 Players are supplied with the most up to date firmware, and we advise against attempting to flash the firmware, as that will void the 12 month warranty.
  • "Where can I get the software to convert videos for showing on the MP4 Player?"
    The software needed to convert the video into the correct format for your MP4 Player (e.g. AMV or NXV) is supplied with the product on a CD. If you have misplaced your CD you can open a Chinavasion customer support ticket, quoting your order number, and we will show you where to download the software for your MP4 Player.
    Chinavasion MP4 Players are all plug and play in Windows XP so you don't need any software for transferring data / music to and from the device. The MP4 Player appears as a removable storage device in your computer.
  • "Can I import these MP4 Players to my country?"
    You will need to speak to the Customs in your country about import regulations as we cannot formally advise on this issue. In most countries there is no problem at all importing MP3 or MP4 players. Common issues include restrictions on RF transmitters (for wireless FM transmitter MP4 players), restrictions on software decoders for certain data compression types, or different import duty classifications for inclusion of video playback or FM tuner.

Key features to look out for in MP4 Players:

  • Check the capacity - 1GB gives a lot of storage. You can find 256MB and 512MB versions of many of these players, at cheaper wholesale prices. For many 1GB MP4 Flash Player models there are also larger 2GB and even 4GB versions.
  • FM radio - your portable video player can also be a digital FM pocket radio tuner.
  • Voice recording - an MP4 Player can also be a pen drive voice recorder.
  • USB 2.0 - offers very fast data transfer between your MP4 Player flash memory and your PC.
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