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Digital USB Microscopes

Welcome to the Chinavasion USB microscope category: The top china wholesale source for high quality digital microscopes. Whether you're a hobby insectologist or trying to help your kid ace his/her school science project, you'll find the widest and most affordable selection of microscope cameras here. Easy to use and completely safe. Are you ready to take scientific inquiry to the next level?

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What is a USB Microscope?

A USB microscope is a digital microscope that connects to your computer via a standard USB port. Microscopes of this type are low powered and typically don't need any extra batteries or power source. In essence a USB microscope camera is a powerful webcam that utilizes a macro lens to get an up close look at the world on a microscopic level.

How is a Digital Microscope different from a normal microscope?

They are easier to use than a standard microscope and rather than viewing the images through an eye piece like on a traditional stereoscopic microscope, the USB lead sends the images from the camera directly to your computer or in some cases to your TV screen or monitor. Because the images can be displayed on a large screen they can be useful as educational and learning tools for schools, universities or at home.

What are the benefits of Microscope cameras?

The images are dependent on the number of megapixels the camera supports and some digital microscopes do away with the USB lead and instead can be used wirelessly making them exceptionally portable. This allows for examination of objects that may not be possible with a stereoscopic microscope due to its large size and weight.

The cameras used in digital microscopes are generally sensitive enough to work without any additional lighting. However some models may utilize built in bright LED lights, the light from these LEDs is reflected off an object into the camera’s lens and produces a clearer image or video, plus it can even be used in poor lighting conditions.

Most microscopes of this type are able to offer reasonable magnifications at around 200 times. Some can even achieve 3 or 4 times this level of magnification. They are available at very low costs when compared to conventional stereomicroscopes, which are often very expensive and heavy.

Another advantage over stereo microscopes is that these digital microscopes are able to record video as well as take pictures. Also because they are fairly lightweight, they can be bought online from suppliers and shipped around the world for very little expense.

iOS and Android Support

More and more of our digital microscopes are becoming wireless. They are way more expensive then the USB types, but cheaper than traditional ones. Nevertheless, Chinavasion's devices are never inflated by middle men. Ordering from us means you're getting a true wholesale price. Back to the topic of wireless digital microscopes, they have often have the advantage of supporting iOS and Android devices.

Microscopes for Kids

Getting the right children's microscopes is an important step to encourage curiosity towards the natural world. Thus a kids micscropescope can be a great investment for schools or parents. These devices offers a more engaging class room experience compared to just learning from books. Besides the learning experience, learning by doing allows children to learning in a more playful way.

China wolesale digital microscope cameras

Chinavasion is a leading supplier of high quality Chinese manufactured digital microscopes, which are suitable for a wide range of uses, be it at home, at school or in a laboratory. They are all available to buy online at highly competitive wholesale prices and come with a one year warranty. Thanks to our great distribution network they can be shipped to almost any location in the world making them easy and convenient to buy.
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