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Computer Parts, Wireless Keyboard, Mouse and Accessories

Computer parts for PC and laptops at cheap prices. Choose the best PC and laptop accessories such as drawing tablet, wifi router, wireless keyboard and wireless mouse for your home or work computer.

PC Accessories Wholesale

We all know that computers are the "machines that can do everything". Whether you want to edit films, sort your photographic collection, listen to music, write an email or buy the latest products from Chinavasion's wholesale electronics website, computers have it covered.

But there is always something else you want from your laptops or PC - something extra you wish it could do, a wireless keyboard, more storage or a new way to interact with pictures such as a drawing tablet for PC or Mac. If you feel this way then you'll find those gadgets right here

Whether you are a tech geek who loves shopping for the latest gizmos, or are looking for the perfect gift, you’ll find a great sample of computer add-ons here. If you want to use your computer as a digital microscope, digitize your old audio cassettes or power a mini LED fan or light from your computers USB drive. Check out the range of cool and low-priced computer gadgets and accessories. Whatever is on your wish list, there’s a gadget for everyone.

Wireless Mouse, Keyboard and Drawing Tablet

If you want a better user experience with your computer then consider a high-end wireless keyboard and mouse combo. These computer peripherals work on Bluetooth and let you operate your computer or laptop from several meters away. An ideal solution if you connect your notebook to the TV to play movies but don't want to keep getting out of your seat each time you want to pause the action.

A Bluetooth mouse or WiFi Kbrd don't tether you to the spot with cables and bring greater freedom with your computer setup. Ideal for home or office these computer parts are a cheap and reliable way to enhance your computer experience.

Our computer parts, accessories, and gadgets cover a wide range of uses, so we've divided them into a number of categories to help you find what you're after. The Wi-Fi products let you create or enhance your own home network, enabling you to connect computers and peripheral around the home without the need for messy cables. Here you will find Router, Wifi repeater gadgets as well as signal boosters.

With our range of USB microscopes you can look at the world in miniature on your PC or notebook or even tablet screen. A great tool for educators and quality inspectors as well as engineers and students. you can record your findings and there are even wireless digital microscopes for a hands-free use in the field.

Bluetooth mouse, portable Wi-Fi Kbrd, USB hubs and Drawing tablets will all offer a better way to interact and connect with your computer. You can even boost the storage with memory pens and micro SD card reads and cards.

In fact, whether you are looking for an unusual present that will raise a smile without breaking the bank, or are a wholesaler looking for low-risk popular gadgets to sell on, Chinavasion's computer accessories are a good option.

The accessories available from Chinavasion offer the same features as the major brands but without you having to pay major brand prices. We are careful to source only the best quality devices. Each one you see on our website is fully tested and available in our warehouse, ready to be shipped to you today.

Cassette Tape Converter Gadget

Listen To Music From Old Tapes On Your Computer and convert them to digital media for use on your phone, MP4 player or Tablet PC. Did you have a cassette player when you were younger? Many people did and used them to tape family events, guitar practices, even their son or daughter singing.

These days cassette players are hard to buy, but you may well still have cassettes that you'd like to play again, preserving those precious recordings for posterity. Chinavasion's USB Cassette Player and Tape-to-MP3 Converter enables you to do just that. Created to look like an old school cassette player, this handy gadget turns your tapes into digital files so that you can listen to them on your computer, iPod or in the car. Finally, you can back up your 80s mix tapes!

You Can Never Have Enough USB Ports...

OK, so you've gone out and bought a dozen essential computer accessories. Most PCs and laptops come with a maximum of four USB connections and many now just have only one Type C port - so what do you do if you want to plug all of your accessories in at once?

The answer is a USB Hub. This awesome gadget has enough slots to connect all your gadgets, be it a Kbrd, mouse, memory pen or SD card reader. And because it's USB you'll enjoy lightning fast transfer speeds. You can also use a hub to sync your smartphone with your computer, recharge devices such as digital cameras, MP3 players and transfer media such as music and video files.

Useful Computer Accessory Terminology

  • Bluetooth

    Bluetooth abbreviated to BT is a technology that enables you to transfer information over short distances without the need for a wire. A BT chip can be fitted in a computer, mobile phone or digital camera and used to transmit file data, such as music, photos or documents, to another BT enabled device without having to use a cable. The same technology makes it possible to link mobile phones with hands-free headsets and is a vital part of connecting controllers and peripheral devices to computers, tablets and games consoles.

  • LAN

    A Local Area Network, or LAN, is a network of computers in close proximity, such as in a school or office building, or even a home. A LAN is great because it enables users to share files, printers, storage devices, and other applications.

  • SATA

    Serial Advanced Technology Attachment or Serial ATA is the interface between a computer's hard drive and its central circuit board (motherboard). SATA transfers data at higher rates than the previous Parallel ATA (PATA) system.

  • SDHC

    A Secure Digital High Capacity (SDHC) card is a removable storage device that can fit into many devices, including cameras, camcorders and laptops. Typically, SDHC cards hold from 4GB to 64GB of data and are an easy way of transferring or sharing data such as photos, video and music.

  • Wi-Fi

    Wi-Fi is like LAN, except it uses radio waves to connect computers or mobile devices to each other or the internet without the need for wires. It is also known as a wireless network or wireless fidelity (hence Wi-Fi). What's the difference between BT and Wi-Fi? They both provide a wireless connection.

    However, Wi-Fi is mainly used to connect computers to the internet over reasonably long distances, while the primary purpose of Bluetooth is to connect phones to other devices and transfer data over short distances, like from a WiFi Kbrd to a PC.

  • USB Port

    USB (Universal Serial Bus) is perhaps the most popular connection for electronic gadgets. It is commonly used on phones, digital cameras, scanners, external hard disk drives, Tablet PCs and much more. Over the years the protocol has been updated improving data transfer speeds. USB 1.0 only supported basic speeds of up to 11Mbps (megabits per second) while version 2.0 increased this to 480Mbps or around 60MBps (megabytes per second).

    Now with version 3.0, you can enjoy speeds of 640MBps making it about 10 times faster than USB 2.0 when it comes to data transfer speeds. A new version 3.1 is becoming popular with type C devices and this boasts speeds of 10Gbps, twice that of 3.0.

    There are now a few types of USB port size. Type A is the most common one. There is also a mini type A port that is commonly seen on mobile phones. USB Type B is bigger and more square than the type A connections. It is common to see this on printers or scanners. A smaller type B port is a trapezoid shape and is common on digital cameras, mp3 players and other small electronics gadgets.

    USB Type C is the newest type of connector. This connector is becoming popular on Tablet PCs, newer smartphones, and even some laptop PCs. It has faster speeds and charge rates than other types and while a similar shape the type A the port and connector it symmetrical. This makes it's easy to plug in and you can't get the connections the wrong way around as it works each way.

PC Science Gadget: USB Microscopes

A Digital Microscope makes an ideal gift for science students or for anyone fascinated by seeing their world in a new way. Featuring a powerful zoom and crystal clear picture resolution, a digital microscope lets you examine everyday objects, such as skin pores, hairs, fibers, crystals, and insects, in minute detail.

Bright LEDs illuminate the subject, giving you a vivid image on your PC, notebook or computer screen. You can easily zoom in and out using the scroll wheel and adjust the distance to the object you’re studying on the microscope stand itself. The microscope is also detachable, making it easy to adjust the angle from which you view. Once you're happy with the image, you can take a high-resolution picture or videos to store or share.

Figure Out How/Where You Will Use Computing Accessories

Among the things you should consider when purchasing computer accessories are compatibility (will it work with my computer?), video and sound quality (is it good enough for my needs?) and the particular design or idea (is it the product I want?). Must-have accessories include additional storage to back up your files, such as flash drives and SD cards.

If you have a laptop, you might consider a separate computer keyboard or Wi-Fi mouse, as these can be more comfortable to use and save you from avoidable repetitive strain injuries if you plan to use it for long periods. A WiFi mouse can be a useful purchase for the same reason.

Beyond that, you need to ask yourself what it is you want to do with your computer or computers. A wireless 3G router, for instance, will be ideal if you plan to use your laptop away from home, while a LAN Network server will let you share files and printers throughout your home or office. An external disk drive will be perfect if you have large files, such as videos of photo collections that you wish to store safely or if you need even more capacity you can consider a WiFi hard disk drive.

Chinavasion's computer accessories address all these issues, plus much more. Our gadgets are compatible with all modern PCs and laptops, providing you with stress-free functionality at attractive prices.

Keeping Up With PC Peripherals Tech

With so much innovation and so many new gizmos, it can be difficult to keep up with the latest gadgets. Subscribe to blogs such as Engadget and Gizmodo for info on the newest products, of visit websites such as CNET, Techcrunch, and ZDNet to keep up with the latest news and reviews.

In print, you could try gadget magazines such as T3 and Stuff, which regularly have articles on cool new products. And don't forget to visit Chinavasion's own Hot Products category for the latest computer accessories.

Two of the best outlets for fun gadgets are ThinkGeek in the USA and I Want One Of Those (IWOOT) in the UK. As a wholesaler, Chinavasion supports thousands of international retailers, but we also cater for end users and you are welcome to purchase individual gadgets from our website.

We love gadgets at Chinavasion and try to keep our ears to the ground for what's new. In the near future, we anticipate even better designs, improved build quality and some products you didn't even know you wanted until you saw them.

Selling Computer Accessories? Listing Suggestions

Retailers and drop shippers of computer accessories should consider selecting good titles and description keywords to attract more customers. Remember consumers may be searching on eBay or elsewhere for "computer accessories or pc parts. There is no harm in adding titles and keywords that match the keen bargain hunter, either, such as “cheap computer parts”. Of course, resellers should point out that Chinavasion’s range of gadgets are not only highly affordable but also high quality.

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