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Cell Phone Ring - Microtechnology Jewelry Revolution

Cell Phone Ring - AprilTastic

Product code: CVAPR-1LF-00L

Cell Phone Ring - AprilTastic
The cellphone that s so small it fits on your finger  A revolution in micro irony  Or platinum y The cellphone that s so small it fits on your finger  A revolution in micro irony  Or platinum y The cellphone that s so small it fits on your finger  A revolution in micro irony  Or platinum y
Cell Phone Ring - AprilTastic
Cell Phone Ring - AprilTastic
Forget searching for cool Ring Tones... Just Get RingMe™! This is a revolution in micro-technology: a fully functional cell phone melded into a beautiful platinum ring, and the ultimate Bling-Phone for the Fashionista Who Has It All.

You wowed your friends when you showed them the first cellphone that fit into your pocket in the 90s, then amazed them again last year with your cell phone watch... now watch their jaws drop as you respond to a slight buzzing on your finger, raise your hand to your ear, and have a cell phone conversation through your fully networked diamond-encrusted cellphone ring!

Features include:
  • Micro touch screen [in testing we found a Swiss jeweler's needle (not included) to provide the best navigation ]
  • Bluetooth pairing, vibrates on your finger for incoming calls
  • Download apps to your phone, organize your contacts and sync your calendar
  • Recharges from simple electro kinetic movement (e.g. finger wagging for the woman's version, or repeated side-to-side wrist movement for the men's)

Simply tap in the phone number on the touch-sensitive keypad/menu, hold the ring up to your ear, and talk like any normal cell phone. The built in microphone and speakers provide high fidelity call quality, possibly higher fidelity than most people wearing wedding rings. The Ring Cell Phone comes unlocked and is compatible with all four world GSM frequencies as well as CDMA, TD-SCDMA, KCMG,3G and 8G. (8G is China's domestic improved version of 3G; few details are available except that it has a higher number so is bound to be better.)

Ring cell phone is water resistant, however, since the built-in web camera + MMS auto mass broadcast can be accidentally touch activated, we recommend taking it off while in the bathroom..

Available in the following varieties (see pictures):

  • PT900 Platinum Quad Band Wedding Band (men)
    - ladies, what better way to make your man feel guilty every time he calls you from the office to say he'll be back home late again.
  • Sterling Silver Engagement Ring (lady)
    - for couples who have just "paired up" this version features wireless pairing with the included Swarovski gem-studded Bluetooth headset, and caller-ID display on the ring's Crystal Liquid display.
  • Blackened Zirconium
    - the perfect CyberGoth accessory, comes with free spike for use as a stylus and knuckle-duster style wearable battery pack.

Product FAQ's and Important Buyer's Notes:

  • Yes, this phone ring can be paired with the Bluetooth Tooth.
  • No, this phone does not support Albanian, Garmin GPS, Beowulf Clusters, or MacOS connectivity, geez.
  • Yes, it runs Linux and will blend.
  • Due to world platinum speculatino and unstable conflict diamond supplies, the price of this cell phone ring may fluctuate by a few hundred dollars from day to day, please ensure your markup is sufficient.
  • Courier insurance can only offer lost-parcel insurance up to $100. For security we recommend delivery using land courier: we have some guys in an armored truck who will drive it across Asia to your destination for a small fee.
  • We advise you to buy samples first to test the functionality, importability, saleability, plausibility, and gullibility of this particular product.

Date Launched: Apr 01 2009
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