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Surveys of cell phone users have shown that the following factors are most important in choosing a Bluetooth headset:

  • Design- Small; discreet; lightweight

  • Performance- Good sound quality

  • Performance- Long battery life

  • Design- Ergonomics and comfort

  • Design- "coolness"

The Made in China Bluetooth Headsets on Chinavasion have been selected for our product lines with the above factors in mind.

Reliability is a factor too, and wholesale Bluetooth buyers get peace of mind sourcing from China with Chinavasion, because all the wireless headsets and other Bluetooth products are guaranteed for 12 months. All electronics sent out by Chinavasion are inspected for quality before dispatch.

Bluetooth Headset FAQ's:

  • What is the difference between a Bluetooth headset and a Bluetooth earpiece?
    In normal situations these two words are interchangeable. A Bluetooth headset may suggest something larger, fitting over the ear or even over the head like Bluetooth headphones. An earpiece Bluetooth device may be very small and fit inside the ear without having to hook over the ear.

  • Can you use a Bluetooth headset with a non-bluetooth phone?
    If your cellphone is not wireless, you can still use a wireless headset if you have a Bluetooth adapter that matches your phone. However, the best recommendation is to upgrade to a new cell phone!

  • What is the difference between Bluetooth and IR?
    IR means infra red and is an older wireless technology for mobiles. Bluetooth offers secure wireless connection for handsfree operation and data connection between cellphones, at high data transfer speeds and great fidelity.

  • Do I have to change the batteries in a Bluetooth headset?
    Most Bluetooth headsets have a small rechargeable battery inside and last hours without nedeing to be recharged.

  • Do Bluetooth headsets from one brand (or no brand name) work with branded cellphones?
    Since Bluetooth is an international standard there should be no problems pairing one brand of Bluetooth wireless device with another brand. e.g. It would be fine pairing a Motorola Bluetooth headset with a Nokia handset.

Chinavasion is a wholesaler for Bluetooth headsets and other Bluetooth products, supplying electronics to customers worldwide. Wholesale Bluetooth prices can be previewed once logged in, as well as shipping costs. Chinavasion is also a dropshipper for Bluetooth products: if you want to send orders directly to your customers, this can be arranged at no extra cost to you.

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