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Car DVR: Cheap Vehicle Blackbox DVR Camera Dash Camera Recorder & Camcorder On Sale

The car accessories are born with the birth of cars. With a HD car DVR installed, you have a fool-proof way to insure yourself in case of vehicle accidents or incidents. Chinavasion is one of the largest wholesale sources of cheap electronics products DVR camera recorders, each with plenty of useful features for you to choose from. Save money and prevent future headaches on the road by using Chinavasion's best dash cameras!

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HD Car DVR Camera

Planes have black boxes for a very good reason and thanks to technological advancements now your car can too. You will notice that nearly all police cars and a number of haulage firms have these sorts of dash cams and this is because they spend a lot of time on the road and want to protect themselves from false accusations and can use the camera as their witness. As the saying goes ‘the camera doesn’t lie’.

What Is A Car DVR Camera Recorder?

A car DVR recorder or dashboard camera as it is sometimes referred to, is a portable and specialized onboard camera, which is attached to the vehicle's interior windscreen via a suction cup mount or sometimes can be placed over the existing rear view mirror. These car cameras essentially continuously record the road ahead whilst the vehicle is in motion or driven on the roadway.

Some of these car camera recorders are optionally fitted by the driver or the vehicle’s owner to mainly obtain video evidence in an event of an accident to support insurance claims or to protect themselves from insurance scams such as crash for cash. A variety of car DVR cameras are available on the market from basic video cameras, which captures only video to highly sophisticated ones that can also record various parameters such as date/time, speed, G-forces and location provided by an inbuilt GPS.

Why Install A One of Chinavasion's Best Dash Cameras?

Installing a Car DVR or dash cam as they have affectionately become known provides you with a HD video recorder that can protect you and testify for you if there is an accident on the roads.

It’s key to ensure that any car digital video recorder you buy will record in high definition or HD. Look for products labeled as HD Car DVR or HD Car Digital Video Recorder. The reason being is that this ensures anything recorded is of a high quality, this means it records better images and can be reliably called upon as evidence if the worse was to happen.

Make sure that when installing an HD video recorder into your car it has a clear, unobstructed view of the road ahead without impeding the visibility of the driver. Also check the settings as most of these devices can be set up to automatically turn themselves on once the car engine starts.

The actual movies that have been recorded as well as the images you receive from a vehicle DVR are a clear representation of the facts in vibrant definition that can’t be refuted. Some of these auto cameras allow you to view high definition footage if you desire, by having a HDMI port present to connect to a HDMI television so you can get a larger and clearer picture.

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