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Tablet Accessories

Tablet Accessories: Keyboards, Power Banks, Tablet Cases, Speakers

Chinavasion offers many quality Android tablet accessories to enhance the productivity of your device. From folding Bluetooth keyboard to the waterproof case for your tablet, these specially designed accessories offers everything you need to get the most out of your device.

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Don't forget to check out more cheap cool gadgets in Cell Phone Accessories and Wireless Headphones categories, they are great companions to your tablet. Once you’ve pick the perfect tablet, you'll need the right accessories.

Accessories can make your tablet even more functional and help you replace your laptop or PC with a convenient mobile device. Tablets are just as essential as laptops and desktop PCs are, on a student's back to school digital checklist. Whether you need tablet accessories, phone accessories, or computer accessories for your laptop, Chinavasion has it all. Power up your tablet with power banks designed to work with your purposes in mind. Get extra storage via a micro SD cards to increase your space for files, photos, videos, and more.

China Keyboards, Keypads and Cases

Detachable keyboards are a necessity if you want your mobile device to replace your laptop for all of your computing needs. Sit more comfortable when typing emails, writing blogs or commenting on forums with a keyboard that has been design to fit you and your tablet’s needs. Chinavasion has a variety of different tablets that connect via Bluetooth connectivity so you don’t have to fiddle with wires or cables. Plus some of these keyboards come with cases so you can easily carry them around as one unit when attached making it even more practical.

Take advantage of the case because it can also help protect your tablet, especially the screen as tablets have large displays that are susceptible to scratches and scuff marks. Available in a variety of colors, patterns, and styles, there's something for everyone who wants an easy way to express their personality. Go with a professional look with a leather case or get something slightly funkier, it's totally up to you.

There are even waterproof cases so you can take your tablet into the swimming pool if you just can’t keep away from it. We even have anti-radiation and signal blocking cases designed for your phablet too. In addition, choose a capacitive touch screen stylus to make selecting, writing, and drawing on your tablet much easier. There is a selection of keypads with a QWERTY keypad that can also be used as a mouse or as a game controller for more control when navigating or playing games.

Tablet PC Accessories: Wholesale Power Banks

When you are browsing the web, streaming videos or generally playing with your tablet, you can use a lot of power and if you are out and about it is not always convenient to find a power socket to plug in your tablet’s power adapter so Chinavasion has a huge selection of power banks to counter this problem. The power banks on offer comes in a variety of shapes and sizes, some with built-in lights, others with solar panels so the battery charger can actually recharge itself through the means of sunlight.

Best Tablet Accessories: Cheap Speakers

Tablets have their own speakers but sometimes you really need the volume turned up to feel the beat and it can be difficult when multiple people want to listen to the same song through the one speaker. Chinavasion has a selection of speakers that is sure to thrill as they are portable so you are not restricted to where you can take them plus most are wireless and only require a Bluetooth connection to sync to the tablet, phone or laptop. Once synced you can hit your music library and listen to the latest rock hits or the most popular classics of yesteryear.

Speakers come in a variety of designs, with some offering hands-free in case you get a call plus many have slots to insert micro SD cards or USB flash drives to play music directly. Choosing a speaker is fun because you get to think in what environment you need it for, such as for outdoor parties you will want one that is splash-proof in case it gets wet, or if you are lifting in a gym you would want one that is shockproof. If you are obsessed with fashion and style, I am sure Chinavasion has what fits your lifestyle and surroundings perfectly.

Wholesalers and resellers, take advantage of our low, factory direct wholesale price, and make more money selling our tablet PC accessories. Choose Chinavasion as your trusted, fast, high quality wholesale accessories supplier.

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