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8-9 Inch Tablets for Sale

Best Cheap Tablets with 8 Inches and 9 Inches screen sizes from China to choose from, android os, cheaper and safe on Chinavasion. Free Shipping.

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Best 8 Inch & 9 Inch Tablets Guide Online

The leading manufacturers in wholesale tablets all offer big screen models, whether they are 8 inch tablets like the Samsung Galaxy Tab 4 and the KingPad 1, or slightly larger 9 inch tablets such as the Amazon Fire Tablet as well as monstrous 9.7 inch tablet screens as seen on the Revolution 2 and HP TouchPad. Despite their larger size, what they may give up to their smaller cousins in portability, they more than make up for in functionality.

8 Inch & 9 Inch Display Sizes

Perhaps the main advantage of these larger screen China tablets is obviously the visually display element, this will more often than not feature a greater pixel count, higher resolutions and better color depths than smaller screen models, which makes watching films and playing games much more enjoyable. Therefore it is unsurprisingly that this is one of the main uses of these 8 to 9 inch table PC’s.

Best 8 Inch Tablets

Many of the best 8 inch tablet PC’s and also the slightly larger 9 inch tablet PC’s will typically feature the latest processors such as the Rockchip RK3188 and Rockchip RK3288 that when compared to its predecessors offers much better processing speeds but just as importantly has a faster and more proficient GPU unit.

This is where a lot of tablet manufacturers are focusing their efforts when it comes to the larger screen wholesale tablet devices because the better the GPU you have the stronger the tablet will perform when dealing with graphics, which is one of the central roles for these breeds of multimedia devices.

With all multimedia and entertainment devices connectivity is key, and along with the usually Wi-Fi and Bluetooth connections for downloading data or connecting to networks you will notice that many of the best tablet PC’s also have OTG capabilities that allow you to get the most from the larger screens.

This will allow memory pens and other solid state storage devices to be connected to the tablet making file transfers and backup easier but perhaps the best use of OTG is being able to add external peripherals such as a keyboard or mouse. With a 9.7 inch tablet or even an 8 inch model you can replace your laptop and use this device for writing e-mails, updating your online profiles or even writing a full dissertation or report for work because with a wide variety of apps and tools available on the Android platform that they commonly run you can do just about everything a laptop pc can but at a fraction of the cost.

Best 9 Inch Tablet

The best 9 Inch tablet PC’s and 9.7 inch tablets may also feature 3G capabilities allowing you to use a SIM card to connect to cellular networks for mobile data services. This add yet another arrow to their quiver as it you can access the internet without the need for wireless networks or cables from many places brining true connectivity on the go.

Because these devices have such a wide spectrum of uses and have a slightly bigger case they can accommodate larger batteries. So the larger 8 to 10 inch tablet PC’s can benefit from longer operating times for even more enjoyment between charges.

When ordering electronics from China, most people will face the high quantity requirements, quality issues and language/cultural barriers. At Chinavasion, we select only the best cheap android tablet from China and have the quality inspected by our in-house experts. We have been over 10 years in business, and we are the most reliable China tablet supplier that you can deal with. Start buying consumer electronics today conveniently online and have it dispatch within a working day from China.

Wholesale Pricing Online, 1 Year Warranty Guarantee

With tablet PC’s size really is everything, finding the right balance between functionality for your needs and portability is one of the key factors to enjoying your device. At Chinavasion we have a full range of tablet PC’s for you to choose from and with a one year warranty and worldwide express delivery you won’t have to wait long to be enjoying the pleasures of owning your very own tablet device. Buy your best tablet today online at Chinavasion, your one stop electronics shop/supplier for your China sourcing needs!

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