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Doogee Phones for Sale

Wholesale Doogee Phones From China

DOOGEE has practiced "Connect people and the world" brand concept since it is existed, the Doogee Phone using technology to convey enthusiasm positive life attitude, focus on creating a good user experience, let the technology products with temperature, bringing convenience and enjoyment to the life of people. DOOGEE Phone’s CEO XinChao believes that quality experience is the soul of DOOGEE brand. To control the height of the quality of the product is fundamental to DOOGEE based on the international market. DOOGEE, it is an innovation, a kind of trust, infinite wisdom and expectation. As a China wholesale supplier, we aim to help our consumers get more profits buy selling the top budget goods.

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The History of Doogee

Doogee was established in March 2013, was born in Madrid, is created by KVD international group (China's high-tech enterprises)and Media Market (Europe's largest electrical appliances chain store), owns MIX, S, X, BL series Doogee Phones. Doogee location-based global markets, featured with exquisite appearance, smart operation, "High cost-effective" and "Micro-Innovation", covering more than 50 countries and regions in the world. Offline channels of cooperation break through 13000 retail terminals, and achieve the strategic cooperation with some big independent website, AliExpress, DHgdined, Amazon, eBay and other platforms, Doogee Phone Sales lead in the cell phone category.

Benefits of Doogee mobile phone

Doogee has many different phone ranges each aimed a different demographics. There are flagship devices that more affordable best cheap phones aimed at the budget end of the market. In order to compete in the world of fastest growing mobile industry, Doogee is dedicated to creating an excellent user experience with the aim to deliver reliable and the highest quality products for our users. Doogee is relentless in pursuing perfection right down to the very minute of details in products, and continues to make great strides toward successfully establishing itself in an increasingly competitive market.

Doogee MIX Smartphone Range

The MIX range of Doogee phones is one of the higher end flagship devices. The MIX, MIX Lite and MIX 2 were popular with people, and were made available from online resellers where they were hot sellers. The newer Doogee MIX 2 phone is equipped with the Helio P25 octa-core processor and runs on Android 7.1 OS. The MIX 2 has some beefy specs including 6GB RAM plus 128GB ROM, and a suitably large 4060mAh battery as well as quad cameras. Besides, it features a 5.99” full display screen and face recognition function. We customized the 5.99” display with rounded angles in DOOGEE MIX 2. It gets narrow bezels and wide views in the slim body of MIX 2. The AUO® In-Cell technology helps it get thinner, lighter and brighter. MIX 2 is one of the best flagship phones which is a perfect choice for game and media lovers and one of the best smartphones around for its price range.

Doogee BL Smartphone Range

The Doogee BL range as its name suggests “Be Long Time, Belong To You”, owns BL5000, BL5500, BL7000, BL9000, BL12000 smartphone. The newer BL12000 phone is equipped with a 12000mAh massive battery supported 12V-3A fast charge, offering long standby time and talk time, it can last 5 days of moderate use. This smartphone has a stunning 6.0-inch display that is protected by 2.5d glass and is available with 4GB of RAM and 32GB of ROM. If you like watching movies on your commute to work then a Doogee BL12000 phone is a good purchase choice you should consider. Its large display offers high resolutions and you will enjoy great viewing and a strong performance, and its super large capacity battery allows you to fully enjoy the video, game, musical journey.

Doogee X Smartphone Range

The Doogee X range provides many models to choose from, one of the best choice for you is X70, X70 brings a 5.5-inch screen with mellow 2.5D edge and stunning IPS technology to provide a most comfortable grip. Feel your heartbeat at the moment you touch every inch of the 232PPI bright display from any angle. And it is the first U-notch display phone of X series with bigger screen ratio and greater vision. 19:9 full screen offers users truly immersive visual impact. It is greater with “U” and great with you. The 1.3GHz quad-core processor works together with the latest succinct Android 8.1 system, increasing the whole performance by 30%. Not only the multitask switching, but the big game programs are effortless to run smoothly for X70. Playing game can be so cool as well. X50 also is an outstanding phone among the X series. X50 is presented in the size of 5.0”, offers you with the broader view and immersive experience wherever you are watching a video, playing a game or reading books, and features more advanced 5.0MP dual cameras in the rear, so it can produce the artful picture with naturally blurred backgrounds and sharp foregrounds.

Doogee S Smartphone Range

Doogee S series smartphone delivers high-performance and excellent user experience, it is worth you get. S60 phone and S70 phone are relatively good among the S series. S60 is equipped with a 5580mAh battery which supports the 12V-2A fast charge, Wireless charging, OTG supported, the 21.0MP camera with waterproof functions, 9 creative shooting modes, fingerprint sensor, all of these make the S60 more outstanding than some phones, delivers a fast and smooth experience. S70 perfectly matches a gamepad which is exclusively designed for professional mobile gaming adventures. With the gamepad’s responsive buttons and comfortable grip, the S70 will turn into a superior game console in a second via Bluetooth connection. Due to the 18:9 full display design, S70 with a 5.99” FHD+ LG big screen looks just like a 5.5” traditional phone in whole size. This Corning® Gorilla® Glass 4 screen delivers accurate color, super wide vision and gloves friendly mode to give you an immersive gaming impact. Play games even in the North Pole is a cinch.
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