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Xiaomi Phones

Cell Phones from the brand of Xiaomi are gaining worldwide recognition, which derived sub-series such as Mi, Redmi, Redmi Note, Mi Mix, and Max Series. But these smartphones still remain difficult for many outside of Asia to buy. Here we make all the phones from this famous Chinese brand available and cheap wholesale prices.

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Latest Models in 2019

Xiaomi(wrong spell: shiomi, xiami, xaomi, xiamo, xiomi, xiaomo) launched new phone every year, and you can find the up-to-date smartphones in 2019 and 2018 from chinavasion.com, which website offers the best price for single-buy buyers and sellers/resellers online. And shipping to everywhere such as united states, united kingdom, Australia and Canada.

Below is list some of the latest models:

  • Redmi Note 7

  • The model of Redmi note 7 is the current product which launched in January 2019, it configs with MIUI 10 os which based on the Android, and it has achieved good performance in the smartphone market. The note 7 series' sales volume has been over 20 million till august 20, 2019 which include 6+64GB, 4+64G, and 3+32G series with big screen sizes and quick-charging technology.

    What is quick charge? Quick charge is a technology found in Qualcomm SoCs, used in devices, for managing power delivered over USB. It offers more power and thus charges batteries in devices faster than standard USB rates allow. Quick Charging 2 onwards technology is primarily used for wall adaptors, but it is also implemented in car chargers and powerbanks (For both input and output power delivery).

  • Mi 9

  • The model of mi 9 launched in February 2019, it's the high-end item. The internal code name of mi9 is Combat Angel. It adopts: Qualcomm Xiaolong 855 flagship platform, with up to 12GB memory + 256GB storage; Design of in-display fingerprint readers; equipped with Sony three-camera full-focus lens 12 million people like lens, 48 million pixels The main photo, 16 million macro + super wide-angle; equipped with 6.39-inch Samsung AMOLED waterdrop screen.

  • Redmi 7

  • Redmi 7 launched in March 2019, it's the mid-range smartphone with great reasonable price but has a good performance in the mid-range product's market. Redmi 7 use android 9.0 as it's OS system, with Splash-Proof-P2i Nano Hydrophobic Coating, and support Infrared Remote Control, and two-day-one-charge. 12.0MP AI double-camera meet the needs of most photo enthusiasts. It's a very cost-effective product recommend to the buyers. In chinavasion, there are two colors black and blue color for Redmi7 with wholesale price for you to choose from, and we shipping to any city and town of every country if the courier can reach the destination.

  • Mi Mix 3

  • Mi Mix 3 item launched with big bulk in the first half of the year of 2019, with the most strong front camera hardware configuration and AI experience of the front camera before 2019 in all series. And charging power increased by 30% compared with the previous generation Mi Mix 2S which launched at 2018, that means the Mix3's quick charging technology has a big upgrade and, you will cost less time on a full charge the battery.

  • Mi Max 3

  • The model of Mi Max3 launched after July of 2019, with 5500mAh battery capacity not inferior to the previous generation Max2 which with 5300mAh battery capacity. Compare with max2, quick recharge version 3.0 and Bluetooth 5.0 and 5G wifi are supplied by max3, which is not supported by max2. It's a large full-screen-surface screen mobile and make good using experience to the users, and favored by young people and adults. There are several styles like fashion, business, young and elegant for you to choose from.

    The History of Mi

    Started in 2010 Xiao-mi is seen as China's homegrown equivalent to Apple and is headquartered in Beijing. The name Xiao-mi, translates to little rice, while its Mi logo depicts its Internet ambitions. The Mi logo is also sometimes associated with the words "Mission Impossible". Particularly when referring to the Chinese company's rapid growth, overcoming many challenges in its early history.

    The Chinese company has been one of the top 5 cell phone manufactures in the world for the past few years running. It is also going toe to toe with the big brands of Apple and Samsung. But despite this Xiao-mi is still almost unknown outside of Asia, except for in South America. The main sales territories include Brazil, India, and China as well as the wider Asia-Pacific area. But it is in India and China that Xiao-mi dominates the smart-phone market. This is a result of building a name that is synonyms with a high build quality and great value for money. In Asian markets where consumers are tech savvy and pinching pennies this brand alignment has brought it a loyal following.

    Like Samsung, its larger Korean cousin, Xiao-mi is not content with just conquering the smartphones market. It has diversified into fitness trackers, laptops, smart watches, audio and visual equipment as well as lifestyle and smart home devices. Despite snapping up several smaller tech companies to gain a foothold in these new markets it's still well known for its prowess in the smartphone industry.

    Benefits of a Xiao-mi Smartphone

    As mentioned before these smartphones from China are well known for their stellar build quality and affordable prices. The mobiles boast Qualcomm Snapdragon processors. These offer a higher performance than their main rivals from MediaTek. While all the handsets from Xiao-mi run on the Android operating system the user interface is different. Xiao-mi has developed their own launcher and front-end for Android. This is known as MIUI, (Mi User Interface). This firmware has its own unique themes but all the standard Android OS operations are still available as well as some custom extras. MIUI updates are rolled out OTA (Over-The-Air) to most handsets. The MIUI releases for smart devices for sale in non-Chinese markets have all the Google Play services and apps such as Google Maps, Gmail, and Google Play store. Those for the Chinese market will include MIUI own environment with an app store, themes and cloud services.

    Xiao-mi Series Ranges

    Xiao-mi has many different ranges each aimed a different demographics. There are flagship devices that can compete with the likes of the iPhone and Galaxy handsets as well as more affordable cheap cellphones aimed at the budget end of the market, as well as everything in between.

    Mi Range

    The Mi range is one of the higher-end flagship phone. The popular Mi5 and Mi5s were released only in China. However, many Mi5 and 5S handsets were made available from online resellers where they were hot sellers. The newer Mi6, launched in April 2017, was the first sub $500 telephone to incorporate the octa-core Qualcomm Snapdragon 835 processor that is clocked at 2.45GHz. The Mi6 also ditched the 3.5mm headphone jack and features a dual-camera setup. The Mi6 has some beefy specs including 6GB RAM and a suitably large 3250mAh capacity as well as dual-lens rear cameras. It comes in a few different colors and there is also a premium limited edition with ceramic body and a silver variant with a mirror finish. One of the most popular flagship phone released in 2017 the Mi6 is a perfect choice for game and media lovers and one of the best smart telephones around for its price range.

    Mi Max Phablet Range

    The Mi Max range as its name suggests is the largest screen offering this smartphone manufacturer has. The original Mi Max was released in 2016 and had a massive battery to deliver 2 days of usage time. This phablet has a stunning 6.44-inch display that is protected by Gorilla Glass and is available with 3 or 4GB of RAM. If you like watching movies on your commute to work then a phablet is a good purchase choice and the Mi Max is one you should consider. Its large display offers high resolutions and you will enjoy great viewing and a strong performance.

    Mi Mix Phablet Range

    The Mi Mix was the phone that got all the attention in 2016. It brought back to life the idea of a bezel-less display. The stunning design, from renowned French designer Philippe Starck turned heads. It has since been widely imitated but rarely bettered. If there was one criticism of the Mi Mix is would be that it was just too big with its gorgeous 6.4-inch display. So when the Mi Mix 2 was launched in 2017 they addressed this issue as well as complimenting the phone with the same sort of 4G LTE coverage as the Mi Note. The Mi Mix 2 has a 5.99-inch screen so is still classed as a phablet but the smaller body makes it easier to hold.

    This Mix phone has some serious hardware tucked away under that luxurious ceramic body. These devices come with a Snapdragon CPU and an option of 4 or 6 GB RAM and with up to 256GB memory. They boast an impressive expression with great looks to win over new high-end customers to the brand.

    Mi Note Range

    The model is sometimes overshadowed by the other Xiao-mi smart handsets, notably the Mi Mix which debut alongside the Mi Note 2. However, it should be of particular interest to the global market, especially those in the US. That is because this range was the first to feature a global range of 4G and LTE bands, over 37 of them. This means that unlike some telephones the Mi Note will work on most carriers around the world.

    Some other features of this smartphone are the dual-curved display, which is strikingly similar to the S7 edge. The cellphone also boasts an AMOLED panel that Xiao-mi partnered with LG to deliver and a good mid-range Snapdragon processor. Surprisingly Xiao-mi limited the releases of the Note 2 to China. But thanks to companies like Chinavasion you can pick up this stylish cellphone and enjoy using it almost anywhere in the world.

    The latest addition to the range is the Note 3. A 5.5-inch display brings 1080P resolutions but did away with the curved edge screen. Under its shiny body is an Octa-Core Snapdragon 660 CPU running at 2.2GHz and an impressive 6GB of RAM. Once again we can rely on this device for connectivity and this model supports a good range of 4G LTE frequencies.

    Redmi Note Budget Cellphone Range

    The Redmi Note Series range is the budget lineup from Xiao-mi. The 4 and 5 series comes with an option of 2 or 4 GB RAM and feature a well balanced Snapdragon processor. These models devices are priced from about $150 to $200 and offer a well-rounded performance for those with limited money to spend.

    The 4X with its Deca Core CPU, 4GB RAM, and 4100mAh makes a great mid-range cellphone. Xiao-mi will undoubtedly continue its success with the Redmi Note 5 so mid-range cellphone lovers will have plenty to look forward to as this line continues to deliver quality cellphones at reasonable prices.

    Redmi Range

    Not to be confused with the Redmi Note range the Redmi Series are the entry-level models. They are the phone that range that helped secure a foothold in the Indian market and much loved by all for the pocket-friendly price. The latest telephones in this model range typically start at $100. There are prime versions costing up to $50 more and bringing some extra oomph with more RAM and onboard storage. They make great first smart telephones and offer an affordable way to own a modern handset with all the smartphone essentials.

    The Redmi 4A and 4X bring a reliable expression and cheap prices. the Redmi 4A has a 3120 mAh capacity which when partnered with the HD display and mid-function CPU is enough for a day's worth of usage. For a bump in specs, the Redmi 4X offers a little extra and larger 4100mAh as well as extra storage and a fingerprint scanner so is a worthy upgrade if your budget can stretch a little further.

    China Smartphone

    While early Chinese smartphones could be classed as cheap copies of Apple or Samsung that old stereotype is outdated. Xiao-mi has brought in reputable designers and engineers to help put their products on an even footing with the big boys of the smart telephone world. The dedication and work have paid off and resulted in a stunning range of cellphones that feature the latest innovations in smart telephone technology. These include awesome sensors, dual back cameras, high resolutions AMOLED displays and some of the best hardware around. Today Xiao-mi is the quintessential China smart mobile manufacturer with sought-after handsets that are leading the pack. For Xiao-mi the success is an almost fairytale-like story that has seen the company go from strength to strength. There will be plenty of challengers to the throne of best Chinese smartphone manufacturer but this Chinese cellphone company will be hard to beat given the pedigree of their devices.

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