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5 Inch Android Phones

China's best-curated collection of 5 Inch and 5.5 Inch phones. These Smartphones make it easier to read emails, browse web pages, play games, and discover more cool Apps. Get yourself a flagship 3G or 4G China Android smartphone at just half the price of big brands.

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5 Inch and Plus Items Buying Guide

Torn between a large screen phone and a standard phone? Well, you’re not alone, and to help you decide if a larger screen phone is for you then read on.

Large screen phones such as 5 Inch phones and 5.5 inch smartphones have grown in number and popularity over the past five years. The main draw to these larger screened cell phones is that they tend to sport better displays, frequently of 720p or above and because technological advancements have made the inner workings of phones more compact they can also remain fairly light weight and slim.

Bigger Screens Better Features

Not only do these larger screen devices feature bigger and generally better screens with higher resolutions, but as they are larger in size there is more room inside of them. Manufactures have been taking advantage of this extra space and now use larger more powerful processors, better wireless and mobile antennas as well as providing greater storage space in the form or more on board memory. These are all features that you can expect to find on a 5 inch or 5.5 inch Android mobile phone.

Recent Wholesale Android Mobiles Developments

In the past 5 years there has been a growing trend towards larger screened devices and as costs have dropped so have the retail prices. So now a 5 inch phone or even a larger screen smartphone is affordable for any consumer and we have a selection that's bound to meet all budgets whether you want to splurge on the latest’s 4G offerings or are content with a more modest option.

Due to the increased popularity there are many Chinese Smartphone manufactures’ competing for a share of the market, these China Smartphone as they are often referred to can be every bit as powerful as their western branded competitors but are available at fantastic wholesale prices.

When deciding on a larger screen Smartphone you should keep in mind that due to the screen size these larger phones will require more power and therefore have larger batteries. Fortunately Chinavasion has an answer with phones that can last days and in some cases weeks on end.

Quad Core & Octa Core Processors for Gaming

To make use of that large screen you should look at devices that feature quad core or octa core processors as these are better for gaming and will allow you to get the most from your device. An additional feature such as OTG and NFC can even allow you to work from your phone and easily transfer files between devices.

Don't forget to check out what cellar network bandwidths are supported. Chinavasion have a range of wholesale cell phones with both 4G and 3G connectivity as well as single and dual SIM devices for managing multiple numbers.

Chinavasion has a wide and fast growing selection of 5 inch smartphones from leading Chinese Smartphone manufactures and offers wholesale Android smartphones at great prices so as consumers and resellers can make real savings and turn profits by taking advantage of our great deals.

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