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Is My Phone Unlocked?

The questions that more and more Australian people asking is: "Where to find a website sells the best cheap smartphones to save the budget?", "Is it free shipping to South Australia if I buy a phone from China?", "Which is the best website for wholesale electronics products?", "Is my smartphone unlocked?", ... It shows that the people from Australia keep a high level of attention on smartphones. Most of Australians own a smartphone as we couldn't without it. The following contents will show you how important is a smartphone, but today we would like to answer the question is "Is my phone unlocked", we'll show you after the topic "Smartphones at the core of the social life". Now, let's dive in.

Smartphones At The Core Of The Social Life

Socially speaking, smartphones have become a socializing mean, physical meetings are no longer indispensable, unless for major cases. There is no necessity for young people to go to cyber café of Western Australia to connect to social networks, Facebook, Twitter, WhatsApp, to name but a few. Smartphones are equipped with WIFI apps to connect to local area network (LAN) and wide area network (WAN). Queensland journalists can report at real-time events from the other end of the planet with photos or videos for evidences. The power of the press has increased thanks to smartphones that make photos, shoot videos in secret without the police or the governments’ authorities censoring them.

Besides, anybody at all can send information with his/her smartphone online. The people from Victoria can send local news to Queensland's people. Therefore, fewer secrets are being held and people are informed and they can mobilize for or against things they like or dislike. The very example of Tunisia and Egypt during the Arab Spring is an illustration.

Also, do smartphones help consolidate democracy in developed countries such as Australia and United States and contribute to build democracy in developing countries. For example, if the police is used to brutalize or prevent people from demonstrating pacifically by beating or firing on the crowd, those in the crowd who have smartphones can shoot video or take picture and share on social networks instantly, then journalists will relay the information on televisions, radios, and so on. This has helped reduce violence on the population in countries where the heads of states are cold-blood dictators.

When the war in Syria started, the government would forbid journalists to tell the truth on what was going on. However, some independent journalists could report the killings perpetrated on the population on social networks anonymously, and this, thanks to their smartphones. Facing all these forces that smartphones offer, they are being needed and used more often.

Therefore, a ruthless war has exploded among telephony companies. Apple, Samsung, Microsoft, and new Chinese companies are fighting to offer a smartphone of the latest generation to their consumers, a strategic tool for the whole world in integrating applications that were used for laptops and desktops before. Moreover, they are struggling to make smartphone tools in every domain of human activities according to the demand.

Did You Check Out If the Smartphone is Unlocked Before You Buy it?

There are many Australian people said that they are not doing this. But they still get an unlock smartphone, why? Because most of the websites sell smartphones that are unlocked. That means your SIM card in Australia can work well on the phone. But you should check out it on the product details page to avoid buy a locked phone.

Click the items list below, you'll see the instruction about unlocked in the page(If you use the computer with a keyboard, just type "Ctrl+F" searched it quickly):

How To Check Whether My Smartphone Is Unlocked

If you have the smartphone on your person - whether it's an iPhone, Android, Windows Phone or something else - then the easiest thing to do to check whether your phone is unlocked is by trying different SIM cards in it.

You could borrow a SIM card from a friend or family member that is from a different network to the one you've been using, and pop it into your phone to check whether you have any signal. If not, it's likely that your phone is indeed locked.

We'd recommend restarting the phone before checking the signal, as it sometimes takes a restart for the card to be picked up by the device itself.

A good way to determine whether the new SIM card is working is to try making a phone call. If it doesn't connect, it's likely that your phone is locked.

If you don't have the phone because you're buying it, you'll have to ask and trust the seller to find out. You can also check out the instructions on the product detail page. But even if it does turn out to be locked there's an easy fix in most cases so it's unlikely to render your new phone useless.

You may find apps claiming to be able to tell you if your phone is unlocked but we would avoid using this method as they can't necessarily be trusted. Simply trying different SIM cards is your best option.

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