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2G GSM Mobiles On Sale

Waiting for you for a long time, welcome to China wholesale supplier Chinavasion's online store. All the cellphones here are unlocked and ready to use on GSM networks worldwide. We have a wide selection of China 2G GSM Phones, Best Cheap Phones, and China Mobiles packed with media features. Take a look at the full selection below and be sure to visit our Smartphones and QWERTY Cell Phones categories for more wholesale mobile phones exclusively from Chinavasion.

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2G Bar Phones Under $40

Cheap 2G Mobile Phones

When it comes to the cell phone you are going to be carrying around in your pocket, nothing beats the simplicity of the classic candy bar style mobile. With easy to use keypads and budget friendly pricing, these Classic China Mobiles are user friendly while still being full of all the features you expect from Chinavasion's famous Cheap Mobiles. Don't forget to check out our best cheap smartwatch, awesome cool gadgets, and best cheap tablet categories, the order in bulk for you need to get huge profits.

China 2G GSM Cell Phones

Wholesale cell phones, especially unlocked phones and cheap mobile phones, are in hot demand right now. If you own a webshop or if you are an ebay trader, this is your opportunity to sell exclusive factory-direct China Mobiles at a price that is much lower than an iPhone, HTC or other name brand phone.

Cheaper 2G GSM Cell Phones

Key Features that you will find on most of our China Mobiles and Classic Bar Style Cell Phones:

* Touchscreen
* SMS text messaging and MMS multimedia messaging
* MP3 and MP4 Players
* Digital Camera with Video Recording
* Bluetooth (including A2DP so you can stream music from your mobile to your wireless headset)
* TV / FM Radio
* Dual SIM card slots, allowing you to use one phone for more than one phone number / network
* Quad Band GSM for worldwide use
* And much more...

This subcategory contains: Classic / Candybar Cell Phones Wholesale - GSM Unlocked Mobile Phones - China Mini Phones - non-smartphone China Mobiles - Touchscreen Cell Phones

Whether you're an experienced electronics trader, or just starting out in the business, you'll find Chinavasion to be your top profitable source of cheap mobile phones you can mark up and resell in your local region. Chinavasion is export only so all these phones are designed and built for normal international cell phone network standards. The design originality and build quality are guaranteed by Chinavasion's strict sourcing control.

Here are some key benefits you'll find from Chinavasion's China mobile phones

  • Low prices because we source directly from Chinese factories
  • Latest models so you can always offer something unique to your customers
  • You are buying from fresh brand new stock from our warehouse - you can be confident about quality and speed of shipping
  • Mobile phones are unlocked, meaning you can put any network's GSM SIM card in and they will work wherever that telecom network does
  • Dual SIM and Tri-SIM models offer a unique convenience advantage for travellers
  • Touchscreen, TV, media playing functions, and high resolution photo/video
  • Latest Android smart phones available - see also our main Android Category at the top left of our website navigation
  • Free extra batteries and other high quality accessories included - see product descriptions for details
  • Many models come with free GB Micro SD flash memory cards

All Chinavasion's mobile phones are un-branded - the design is unique to the factory producing it and therefore you are accessing a high quality but non-brand-restricted OEM product. In higher quantities above 300pcs you can inquire about putting your own branding on the packaging, and above 100pcs please contact us for additional discounts and additional freight options.

We support small and medium wholesale orders and also 1pc dropship orders where you are shipping direct from our stock to your end customer (they never see it's from Chinavasion). Before commencing with volume purchases or dropshipping, you should order samples to see the great quality for yourself and get familiar with the technical advantages of these cool mobile phones. It's easy to order samples using the online shop - we ship worldwide by trackable air courier.

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