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Best 6 7 Inch Large Screen Cell Phones for Sale

Checkout the best of the large screen smartphones and Android phablets (also called tablet phones) which over 6 Inch from the 2020 good deals. These 6 inches and 7 inches plus mobiles are powered with the latest technology as fingerprint unlock, NFC and quick-recharge,  and come at an unbeatable price. Tired of having a separate tablet and cellphone? Replace them now with one of our cool large surface (more than six and seven inch) unlocked cell phones at wholesale price from China!

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Smartphones over 6 Inch Plus Screen

Time is flying so fast, technology has changed people's lives so much till 2020. Such as fingerprint unlock function, NFC near-communication and battery quick-recharge technology greatly improved the experience of people using mobiles.

Let's just look back on the development history of tablet-cellphone. Tablet-Smartphones feature large displays that complement screen-intensive activity such as mobile web browsing and multimedia viewing. They may also include software optimized for an integral self-storing stylus to facilitate sketching, note-taking and annotation.

Tablet-Smartphones were originally designed for the Asian market where consumers could not afford both a smartphone and tablet as in North America; Cellphones for that market are known for having "budget-specs-big-battery" with large low-resolution screens and midrange processors, although other tablet-phones have flagship specifications.

Since then, tablet-cellphones in North America have also become successful for several reasons: Android 4.0 and subsequent releases of Android were suited to large as well as small screen sizes, while older consumers preferred larger screens sizes on smartphones due to deteriorating eyesight.

While Samsung's Galaxy Note (2011) is largely credited with popularizing the tablet-phone when launched in 2011, examples of earlier devices with similar form factors date to 1993.

The popularity of tablet mobiles grew dramatically in 2012, as a successor to the original Galaxy Note, along with the falling costs and increasing power efficiency of telephones displays, began to fuel competition in the market from other telephones manufacturers, including Lenovo, LG, HTC, Huawei, Micromax, and Sony.

IHS, Samsung reported that 25.6 million tablet cellphones were sold in 2012 alone. Due to the market's growth, Reuters called 2013 the "Year of the tablet-phone".

In 2014, noting that tablet cellphones had overtaken laptops and desktops in global sales, The New York Times said "Tablet-Smartphone could become the dominant computing device of the future – the most popular kind of cellphone on the market, and perhaps the only computer many of us need".

What Are Tablet Cellhones?

What is so amazing about the collection of big surface smart cellphones (such as Huawei Honor 8X 4+64G, Samsung Galaxy A40s Blue, Samsung Galaxy A60 and Samsung Galaxy A70 Orange ) above is that they can be used as tablets. This benefit comes from the fact that they have screens sizes of 6, 7 and sometimes even almost 8 inch. That's why they are sometimes called cellphone tablet PC hybrids.

A new term for 6 7 Plus Inch Phones

Recently, a geek term 'phablets' has become more popular wish is basically a fusion of the phone with tablet. Chinavasion, is expecting many new models of tablet cellphones coming out in the coming months due to the increased popularity of large screens. We all like our phone packed with everything that Android OS can offer, but we can't enjoy it to the fullest, if the surface isn't large enough!

All products are sourced factory direct at attractive low pricing. Get your good tablet cellphone today and have it shipped within 1 working day.

Over 6 Inches Mobile Phones Advantages

6 Inches plus mobile smartphones are great for daily all-round use without carrying a separate tablet PC. The cellphone market launched more and more big screens mobiles since 2018 to 2019, that's the trend of the market. As you can see more and more people use the big size mobile in daily lives.

  • Bigger display means;
  • Longer battery life and bigger battery capacity;
  • Quick recharge: The technology become more and more porpular since 2019;
  • Better video viewing experience like watching films, video calls and especially for playing games, that's the awesome and happy using experience;
  • Easier multitasking and deal with datas smoothly and quickly;
  • Bigger surface often comes with bigger specs;
  • Bigger font size and clickable width on Virtual keyboard, it'll allow you to click more space but make less mistakes while entering words ;
  • Better experience on take photos: Bigger show, more clear, more highlights details with high definition camera;
  • Can replace small size tablets.

  • The Disadvantages: Should you get a 6 Inch smart phone?

    So with all the benefits of carrying a 6 Inches smart cellhone described above the question is whether you should get one. For "should I get a large screen cellphone" need to read the Disadvantages list below for considering:

  • Need bigger pockets: yes, especially the ladies' clothes' pocket is smaller than the men's pocket. But that's not the only one place to place your cellphone, such as the hand-bag;
  • Need Longer battery life: If you are playing the games or watching videos for a long time, it'll cost the battery life faster than normal-using such as take some photos or listening to the music;
  • Doesn't fit easy in tight jeans;
  • More heavy than smaller mobiles, that's not a problem for adults;
  • Need to use two hands;
  • Drains battery faster due to larger surface.
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