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Wholesale Android Phones From China

6-7 Inch Android Phones

Checkout the best of the best large 6 Inch smartphones and Android phablets (also called tablet phones). These 6 inch mobiles are powered with the latest technology and come at an unbeatable price. Tired of having a separate tablet and phone? Replace them now with one of our cool large screen 6 inch phones!

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6 Inch Smartphone

What Are Android Tablet Phones?

What is so amazing about the collection of Android phones above is that they can be used as tablets. This benefit comes from the fact that they have screen sizes of 6, 7 and sometimes even almost 8 inch. That's why they are sometimes called cell phone tablet PC hybrids.

A new term: 6 Inch Phablets

Recently, a geek term 'phablet' has become more popular wish is basically a fusion of the phone with tablet. Chinavasion, is expecting many new models of Android phablets coming out in the coming months due to the increased popularity of large screens. We all like our phones packed with everything that Android OS can offer, but we can't enjoy it to the fullest, if the screen isn't large enough!

All products are sourced factory direct at attractive low pricing. Get your best tablet phone today and have it shipped within 1 working day.

6 Inch Mobile Phones Advantages

6 Inch mobile phones are great for daily all-round use without carrying a separate tablet PC.

- Bigger display means
- Better video viewing experience
- Easier multitasking
- Bigger phones often comes with bigger specs
- Can replace small tablets

The Disadvantages: Should you get a 6 Inch phone?

So with all the benefits of carrying a 6 Inch phone described above the question is whether you should get one. Disadvantages:
- need bigger pockets
- More battery capacity
- Doesn't fit easy in tight jeans
- More heavy than smaller mobiles
- Need to use two hands
- Drains battery faster due to larger screen
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