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Windows Tablet PCs for Sale

Check out Chinavasion's range of best Microsoft surface Win 8 and Win 10 Tablets products. This range of Chinese Tablet PCs bring the latest specifications in hardware and software for superb mobile computing. With dedicated Windows Tablets as well as Dual Boot Windows and Android os tablets there's an option for everyone. These best products make the perfect gift and with a discounted wholesale price this hot category provides a good range of products for re-sellers to profit from by taking advantage of our with bulk orders or express drop shipping service.

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The product has come a long way since Apples pioneering iPad back in 2010, Today they are available with Android or Windows systems. The main benefit of a tablet is the wide range of support for productivity software such as Microsoft Office. This lets you use the product for work and by connecting a keyboard you can easily use it to replace your laptop or desktop pc.

These tablets will usually run the Win 8 or Win 10 operating system and have a wide range of functions that make them very appealing to consumers, these include watching movies, playing games, search a best buy CPU processor deals price online, reading books, playing audio, buy favorite goods in the store, search and store any awesome webpage, surfing the web, working or studying and much more. With the product you can get a range of apps and software from the Microsoft Windows store.

Products on chinavasion.com:
CPU processor configuration: Intel core series processor. Many products config with a low-heat and stably running Intel core series cpu processor, to deal with the datas smoothly.
Storage: Big storage for playing games, videos storage, music storage, and more.
Screen: Big screen, clear graphic to make a good viewing experience, ISP screen. 2-in-1: The package doesn't contains a keyboard, not 2-in-1 yet. If you need 2-in-1 one, try to contact us.

Micro Surface Windows 8 Tablet PC

Microsoft Win 8 really saw the start of laptop tablet as it featured a new, improved user interface. The Microsoft Win 8 system focused on a touch orientated navigation, so rather than using the start menu navigation to open programs users could take advantage of the product's touch screens and select the chosen program from a grid of tiles. Win 8 also saw the introduction of the Windows store, much like Android app stores or the Apple store the Windows store on new pad lets the user easily browse, purchase and download new software online.

Micro Surface Windows 10 Tablet PC

Microsoft Win 10 takes over from where Win 8 left off and can be used as a touch oriented operating system or as a desktop style device with non touch elements. This brings a better user experience when running on the devices. Some of the products are now available with the Win 10 OS.

Micro Surface Win 10 tablets also enjoy a better bundle of apps and software than Win 8 tablets and thanks to the new universal apps you can use the same apps across multiple platforms picking up work from where you left off on one system as all the files and functions are the same. This lets you use the product in conjunction with your laptop or desktop computer so when you leave one device you don't have to stop what you're doing. When it comes to gaming, it running Microsoft Win 10 have DirectX 12 and WDDM 2.0 support, which will improve the operating system's graphics capabilities allowing them to support better and more advanced games.

Dual Boot Tablet PCs

Can't make your mind up over which OS is best for you? Well get the product with both Android and Windows operating systems. It brings the best of both worlds letting you have a fully fledged pc as well as a portable media system all on one device.

Why settle for one when you can have two? It brings both operating systems together on one dual boot flat pc. If you want the productivity of a flat pc but don't want to give up all those Android apps then the best product for you may be one with the dual boot function.

How to buy Wholesale Windows Tablets from China?

1. Find a safe wholesale supplier: Chinavasion is the professional global wholesale supplier which located in China. Chinavasion dot com: Chinavasion's official safety wholesale buying online store. At Chinavasion store we aim to bring you the latest in product (without keyboard) keeping up to date ( 2018 best buy and 2019 best buy ) with new developments in the microsoft surface tablet market, and bringing you the best products without external keyboard at wholesale price.

2. Compare with the quality: Chinavasion carefully select the best-using-experience goods for consumer, to save thier time by how to choose a best product.

3. How about the services: After-sales services are available, we insist in offer the best service for our consumers.

4. Be a friend: We focus on to establish and maintain good customer relationship.

5. Care about with the warranty: We offering a wide range of affordable products with a great functionality and sof tware that feature the latest Intel processor and Microsoft software. They are available with a 12 month warranty and can be at your door in just a few days thanks to our global express shipping and airmail.

6. Care about the profits you get: Resellers can take advantage of our premium drop shipping service and bulk buyers may benefit from the excellent freight rates we offer for bulk air shipments or sea freight allowing them to get tidy profits on great products.

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