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Windows Mini PC & TV Box

Windows Mini PCs, TV Boxes and pocket-size micro PC sticks are affordable fully functioning computers for education, entertainment, and work. With the Windows operating system, you get a great work and study platform that is compatible with all your work files and documents yet versatile enough to be used as a fully blown media hub or your own compact personal computer.

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What is a Windows TV Box?

The difference between windows and Android TV box is, a Windows TV Box is a small compact computer that can be connected to your TV (usually through a HDMI cable) to bring you a range of media center functions as well as the standard operations we associate with the Windows OS.

These will come with Windows 8 or Windows 10 preinstalled and while some have the windows with Bing. This is a low priced version of the windows OS with Bing set as the default search engine on Internet Explorer but you can easily add your own search engines or other web browsers.

What are the benefits of Windows?

The great think about the Windows OS system is that there are no real restrictions. You can still download and install Kodi on many of these TV boxes and PC dongles letting you enjoy the one of the best media player around and providing you with a superb mini home entertainment system.

You also have all the familiarity of the Windows operating system and the newer Windows 8 and Windows 10 user interfaces are easy to navigate and often feature an icon driven directory as well as menu options. You will find plenty of popular applications available for these Windows media centers, such as the MS Office suite of tools, this will bring you all the power of spreadsheets, databases and word documents as well as organizational programs and business communication tools.

What is the difference between a Windows TV Box and Mini PC Stick?

A Windows TV box is generally somewhat larger than a PC stick and while still relatively portable it’s not something you would want to carry around in your pocket. The micro PCs that are classed as PC sticks or TV dongles are very compact, and weigh around 50 grams or so. They are the ultimate in portable computers and make it easy to work anywhere. all you need is a display with a HDMI port.
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