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Waterproof Phones

Chinavasion's rugged Waterproof Smartphones and aren't only tough by name. Most of them are powered by 'triple protection': waterproof, dustproof and shockproof. Tough phones are for those with tough lifestyle. If you are such a person, then grab your favorite wholesale waterproof phones at factory-direct prices.

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Tough Phones & Rugged Smartphones Guide

Rugged Phone Pricing, Android & IP Rating

The most rugged Android phone will logically have the highest price. Depending on your budget and the specs that matter to you the most, you choose a rugged device that suits your needs the best. Luckily, the price will matter much less when you order from Chinavasion. All of Chinavasion's ruggedized gear sourced straight from Chinese factories. So no middlemen markups, no brand markups and thus a better price.
What does matter a lot is whether you want a rugged Android smartphone. Products with Android OS are usually slightly more expensive. In addition, the IP rating is also very important. The higher the rating the better phone is protected against dust and water immersion
Let's say the product is used by builders that only need phone communication. In that case, you don't really need Android as one of our tough cell phones or rugged bar phones would be enough to meet your needs. However, a strong case and an IP58 rating is the minimum for your phone to be 'dust resistant'. If that's not enough then go for an IP67 waterproof phone and at least and you will be safe.

Rugged Smartphone with Android

Not only are our rugged phones tough, they are at the same time 'smart'. Why, because many of them are powered by Android, allowing you to enter a world of entertainment and cool apps. Chinavasion's rugged smartphones are cheap and at the same time high quality. You might wonder how we did it. Well, we get our products straight from suppliers in China, and we QC check them to offer you the products together with a 1 year warranty. China prices, Western quality as we as promised.

Waterproof Phones

How often do you drop your phone leaving it with damage that you can't repair? After spending hundreds of bucks you regret of course. With Chinavasion's tough rugged cell phones that's a worry of the past. As they are dustproof, shockproof and even waterproof, you have absolutely nothing to worry about.

Is my Phone Waterproof?

Unless you own an Xperia Z3 or Xperia Z3 Compact with an IP68 rating, your smartphone is most likely not waterproof. The problem is that Sony is charging way too much for the waterproof feature. A waterproof phone with similar specs from China is gonna cost only about 30% of the Sony Z3 retail price. Given this, make sure to browse our above products to save more money for other cool gadgets. To pick your best waterproof phone, do consider the IP rating. IP68 would be the best for total protection, while IP65 would be satisfactory for normal daily use.

How to Waterproof my Phone?

Besides purchasing a waterproof smartphone online you can also consider ways to make your current cell phone waterproof. Waterproof phone cases are a great way to avoid buying a mobile. Make sure they perfectly fit your cell phone without becoming too bulky. Even these cases have an IP rating that you should look for. To be on the safe side, also make sure it comes with Gorilla Glass.
An alternative is to consider waterproof phone bags. They make your phone much bigger, so it's not suitable for daily use. However, they are great if you go for a swim as they often come with a cord for wearing it around your neck. Phone bags also tend to be much cheaper but make sure you get a good one to avoid any disappointment.
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