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Calling all expert writers...

Do you have first-hand experience of Business In China?

 We're looking for top quality articles written by people likeyou!

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How It Works

  • You write articles on topics relevant to our blog (see below for topics)
  • We publish your articles online
  • Your "reward" is a full byline and link to your website from our bloghttp://blog.chinavasion.com/(PageRank 3, thousands of unique visitors a week) as well as links to yourarticle from the main Chinavasion.com website. Alternatively we may alsodistribute your article to 3rd party blogs or other advice websites, wherethere will be a link to Chinavasion and to your site.
  • We ask that you don't publish the same content elsewhere online - sothat the published article on Chinavasion is the unique source.


Submit Your Articles

Email your article + "resource box" (i.e. your self-promotional plug) tocontent@chinavasion.com preferablyin html, or MS Word .doc

We will reply to you to acknowledge and let you know if we are publishing,plus any additional questions.

If we publish we reserve the right to cut, edit, polish to match the tone andcontent of our site.

You are guaranteed full author credit for articles you submit.

Topics We Need

  • Importing from China advice
  • Consumer electronics made in China
  • Made-in-China product quality control
  • Advice on doing business in China
  • Logistics when buying from China
  • Importing into destination countries taxes and regulations
  • How to sell products online, e.g. ebay
  • Drop-shipping




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