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Affiliate Terms

Read the small print about Affiliate Program promoting!

Important Affiliates Program Conditions:

- No spamming / unsolicited emailing / intrusive marketing /online spamming

- You cannot bid on the word "chinavasion" in PPC campaigns

- You may link to Chinavasion from multiple websites, but onlyif none of the sites violates any applicable law, regulation, intellectualproperty rights, or third-party rights. Pages linking to Chinavasion or sitesassociated with your affiliate links must not encourage illegal activity orracism, or contain adult or other distasteful content.

- You may not use false representation or misleading claimsabout Chinavasion's products or services to encourage customers to follow yourlinks. Chinavasion reserves the right to review and if necessary disallow thecontents of affiliates' ads.

- When you create sites for affiliate links to Chinavasion, youare not permitted to use the name "Chinavasion" in any variants within yourdomain name or URLs, or otherwise use Chinavasion logos etc to create theimpression you are an official spokesperson for Chinavasion.

FullTerms and Conditions Here

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